Finding the LCM

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Transcript Finding the LCM

Finding the LCM
Rule 6-1:
To find the lowest common multiple of numbers
containing literal numbers:
1. factor each term;
2. determine the maximum number of times a
prime factor appears in any one term;
3. multiply the resulting prime factors found in
step 2. This number is the LCM.
Multiplication with Literal
Key Point:
 In multiplication, all the literal numbers
contained in the multiplicand and the
multiplier must appear in the product
unless the exponent is zero.
Multiplying Fractions
Key Point:
To multiply fractions, we
 Cancel factors that are common to both
numerators and denominators.
 Multiply the remaining numerators (their
product is the numerator of the answer).
 Multiply the remaining denominators (their
product is the denominator of the answer).
Adding and Subtracting
Rule 6-2:
To add (or subtract) fractions with unlike
1. find the CD.
2. Change the denominator of all
fractions to this denominator.
3. Divide the CD by the old denominator
of each fraction
Adding and Subtracting
Fractions (cont.)
Then multiply this number by the old
numerator to find the new numerator of
the fraction.
Add (or subtract) the fractions,
combining all like terms in the
Reduce the answer to the lowest terms.