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Lab 4
 Exercises
Note for next time:
 Read Chapter 1 and 2 (Self_check exercises and all
 Pay attention to the Program Style (page 57) all your
programs must follow this style.
 Look at :ctype.h and stdlib.h
A salesman receives a commission of 10% on all sales if he had sold at
least $10 000 worth of merchandise in a given period, but only 8.5% if
his sales are below $10 000.
Write an algorithm to show to the salesman how to figure out
his commissions.
Modify the algorithm to accommodate a list of salesmen along
with their sales.
Change the algorithm as needed to calculate the commission of
all the salesmen (the total of commissions).
 the problem’s specification is to find out the smallest, largest, range,
average, and standard deviation of N numbers.
Given: average= sum/N
std_dev= sqrt(sum_squares/N – (average**2))
 The problem’s objective is to find the greatest common divisor (GCD)
of two integers.
Crammer rule is a method for solving a system of linear equations.
If you have two equations with variables x and y written as
ax + by = c
dx + ey = f
then the solution for x and y can be given as:
The notation below refers to the determinant ae -bd
1. Write a complete algorithm that will solve a system of two equations
using Cramer’s rule. Input will be all the coefficients. Output will be the
solution of the system.
2. Modify the algorithm to be used for other systems (Use Repetition).
As a part time job student, you are working for the Family Budget Assistance
Center. Your boss has asked to write a program that will analyze data for a
family list.
Input for each family consist of:
 Family identification number
 Number in Family
 Annual income
 Total debt
Output should include the following
 The family identification number, number in family, annual income, and total
 Predicted family living expenses ($3000 times the total number of the family)
 The monthly payment necessary to pay off the debt in one year (Debt/12)
 The amount the family should save (The family size * 2% of (the income - the
 Your service fee (0.5 percent of the income)