Green Computing

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Green Computing
Lea Rodriguez
What is Green Computing?
Green computing is using
computers and related
hardware in a way that is
environmentally friendly.
Why do we need green
Computers and related hardware:
• use up a lot of trees and energy
•may contain toxic substances such as
mercury, cadmium, and lead, which may
negatively impact the quality of our
environment if not disposed of
Who should participate in
green computing?
Schools should…
You can too!
Businesses should….
Buy environmentally safe hardware.
Look for the Energy Star. It means the hardware
meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s
guidelines for saving energy.
Put your computer in standby mode or turn it off
when not in use to save energy.
Recycle! Buy recycled goods and recycle used
paper and toner cartridges to minimize waste.
What can schools and businesses do?
Businesses, such as the Charlotte-area bank branch of
RBC Centura, help by:
 recycling when possible.
 purchase computers which meet the Energy Star
 purchase computers which automatically standby
when not in use.
 sending obsolete PCs to a center which will restore
and reuse them.
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