Strong Modifiers

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Strong Modifiers
Strong Modifiers
Another part of showing is using modifiers to describe.
Modifiers is the term for adjectives and adverbs as a
Just like verbs, there are strong modifiers and weak
Try to use the strongest ones you can find in your
When Jane's back was turned, the bull snorted
and came after her. She turned and was afraid
when she saw how big it was. He ran very fast.
When Jane's back was turned, the raging bull
snorted and began to charge. Turning, she
flinched in terror at his monstrous size. He tore
across the pasture like lightning.
could be _____.
On the other hand, the princess isn't just pretty, she's
The scenery isn't interesting, it's __.
Something small could be _____.
Instead of a good hero, he could be _____.
Instead of irritating, the class clown could be _____.
Instead of big, make the giant ______.
You may not laugh at something kinda funny, but you'd
burst out laughing at ______.
Not just soft hair, but ______.
Not just long hair, but ______.
Not just bright sky, but_____.
Not only sparkly, but ______.
What about colors? There are so many better colors
than plain blue or green. Try these:
-- Blue.
-- Yellow.
-- Purple. -Green
Now put it in a scene.
I met a really nice guy with a great personality
and a good smile. His clothes were interesting,
and he had some wonderful ideas about
awesome places to go on great adventures.
Wow...Can't wait to meet this guy...he sounds
You try to make him/her come alive!
Use a thesaurus to find the most DESCRIPTIVE
words possible.
Use a thesaurus to find the most DESCRIPTIVE
words possible.
I met a/an ______ guy/girl with a/an ____
personality and a/an ____ smile. His/Her
clothes were _______, and he/she had ______
of ______ ideas about ____ places to go on a
______ vacation.
Now captivate your reader with a description of
your day with this new friend. Use strong
modifiers and verbs Don't allow even one
ordinary, overused word to creep in!
Here's your opening sentence:
You'll never believe the ____ day we had!
Remember though...
Great modifiers are no substitute for strong
You are better off with just a few modifiers
and more strong verbs.
A good rule is no more than 1 modifier per
noun or verb.
Too many modifiers often seems too "fluffy"
& may actually take away from your story.
Don't let all your hard work go to waste!
Examples of "fluff"
Her weak body shook as the sticky, salty sweat
trickled down her tremulous, frightened face.
What words can we eliminate?