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Swan Lake
A Grammatical Review of the Year’s
Wackiest Ballet!
Got Grammar?
• Professionals rely on correct grammar to
communicate with others.
• Critics review concerts, dance, movie, and
theatre performances.
• Sportscasters communicate play-by-plays
and commentaries to fans.
• All use writing to reach an audience!
Grammar Basics
• Nouns identify a person, place, living thing,
object, or idea.
• Nouns can be singular (one) or plural (more than
• Nouns can be common (dog) or proper (Fido).
• Verbs tell the physical or mental action that is
taking place.
• Adjectives describe a noun.
• Adverbs describe a verb.
Maria Lopez and
James Campbell are
two dancers currently
starring in the newest
production of Swan
Sentence Structure
• Prepositions add detail to simple sentences.
• They tell
•Pronouns take the place of a noun
Maria she
James he
Act I
Swan Lake takes place long ago in
a fairytale land. Maria, dancing as
Odette, opened the ballet in a magical
setting. She floated along on her toes
with grace. Act I ended with the
promise of a beautiful ballet!
• Transitions tie things together smoothly.
• Transitions move you from one place or
time to another, or connect ideas.
– later, meanwhile
• Conjunctions let you combine
two sentences to make your
writing shorter.
– and, but, or
Act II
In Act II, Maria danced with James for
the first time. Their dance began
smoothly, but Maria unexpectedly became
dizzy and kicked James in the head with
the toe of her hard pointe shoe! Later,
James stumbled backwards and fell on the
scenery causing it to tumble. The curtain
fell on Act II. Meanwhile, the audience
wondered about the condition of the two
• A colon is used to introduce a list of words
• Quotation marks are placed around words
or phrases
– to show the exact words someone is speaking
– to show the titles of short stories, poems, and
Soon Maria and James returned to shouts
of, “Bravo!” This startled the dancers and
caused one girl to lose her balance. As she
toppled into the orchestra pit she was
overheard yelling, “I’ve ripped my tutu!” but
the honking of the now-bent brass section
made it difficult to hear her.
Act IV
Chaos soon followed, and the
beauty of this swan was muddied
by the following series of events:
the brass musicians jumped away
from their instruments causing the
other players to scramble away
from flying sheet music, the
conductor broke his wand and
tossed it onstage, Maria stepped on
the wand and rolled into James
knocking him offstage and into the
audience, and the audience
members laughed hysterically as
security had to break up four
fights between cast dancers and
All in all it was the most memorable
Swan Lake ever performed. One patron was
overheard saying, “I suppose we don’t need
to swing by the comedy club now!” Maria
will be treated for her dizzy spells and
James will recover from his injuries. This
ballet, however, will not resume
performances as scheduled due to repairs
being made to the theatre. Advice to the
wise: stay home and rent a movie. It’s safer!
What kinds of nouns are there?
What types of action does a verb show?
Why are prepositions useful in writing?
What kinds of professions rely on using
correct grammar?
• What are the uses of quotation marks?
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