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An apostrophe should be used with a possessive
Sybil’s cousin found Doug’s umbrellas in the Goldins’
A transitive verb directs the action toward someone or
something. A transitive verb always has a direct
The storm sank the ship.
Sank is the transitive verb. Ship is the object that the
action is directed toward.
An auxiliary verb proceeds the main verb in a verb
A main verb can have up to three auxiliary or helping
Jose should have known the answer to the math
Kim will have been waiting an hour by the time we get
Homework: Monday
mohammeds cousin built a great tree
house in his yard
Monday: Find the part of speech for each
word (noun, pronoun, adjective,
adverb, verb, preposition, conjunction,
interjection. Insert editing marks to
correct capitalization and punctuation.
Homework: Tuesday
mohammeds cousin built a great tree house
in his yard
Tuesday: Find the sentence parts (simple
subject, simple predicate, complete
subject, complete predicate) and
prepositional phrases.
Homework: Wednesday
mohammeds cousin built a great tree
house in his yard
Wednesday: Identify the clauses as
independent or dependent; identify the
sentence structure (simple, compound,
or complex); identify the sentence
purpose (declarative, interrogative,
exclamatory, or imperative).
Apply the skills we learned this week to answer these questions.
1. An ___________verb comes before the main verb in a verb phrase.
2. An apostrophe is used to show ownership with a ______________ noun.
3. A ___________________ verb directs the action towards a direct object.
4. Write a sentence using a transitive verb.
5. Write a sentence using an apostrophe with a possessive noun.
Using the sentence below, answer these questions.
Mohammeds cousin built a great tree house in his yard.
6. The word Mohammed is used as a possessive ___________ in this sentence.
7. The word built is used as a ____________________.
8. The phrase in the yard is a ____________________ phrase.
9. What punctuation mark is needed in the word Mohammed? ________________
10. The compound word tree house is the _________________ of the transitive verb