The Sentence

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Sentence Types
A Way of Thinking
“A sentence should be
alive…sentences need energy to
make the meaning jump off the
page and into the reader’s hand…”
~Peter Elbow, Writing with Power
Four Types of Sentences
PHG pg 438
1. A declarative sentence states an idea and
ends with a period.
Space travel is very exciting.
2. An interrogative sentence asks a
question and ends with a question mark.
Which planet is closest to Earth?
3. An imperative sentence gives an order or
a direction and ends with a period or an
exclamation mark.
Follow the directions carefully.
Wait for me!
4. An exclamatory sentence conveys strong
emotion and ends with an exclamation
She’s not telling the truth!
To be a sentence or not to be….
A sentence must have a subject and a verb
to be considered a sentence!
Error #1
The Fragment
• A fragment is not a sentence
• It is missing a subject or a verb
Student Error
When I was five. I had a Chuckie doll. I
would scare everybody with Chuckie.
Chuckie was about two feet, had orange
hair, little red and white shoes, overalls,
and a plastic knife. I replaced the plastic
knife with a real knife. To make Chuckie
look more like the real thing. From the
kitchen drawer. Like a mini-butcher knife. I
super glued it in Chuckie’s hand. Ready
for business.
What was the problem?
Many of the sentences did not make sense
because they were either lacking the right
punctuation, or they were missing a
subject or a verb.
Two-Word Sentences
1. Write a sentence.
1. How did you know that was a sentence?
2. What made it a sentence?
2. Why is it so hard to identify sentences on
1. It’s NOT! To be a simple sentence, it must
have a subject and a verb. That’s it!
Mentor Text
They race.
~Jerry Spinelli, Loser
Mat winces.
Maria flinched.
Matt froze.
Matt nodded.
~Nancy Farmer, House of Scorpions
Powerful Words, Powerful Verbs
1. Remembering your knowledge of word
choice, create five of your own two-word
Run-On Sentences
A run-on sentence is created when two or
more independent clauses are joined
together without the proper punctuation or
Student Error
Something that makes me happy is my
friend Destiny she doesn’t try to act all
cool and she is just goofy like when she
dances she don’t care about what nobody
says and she just dances and doesn’t
worry so she is a lot of fun to hang with
because she makes me laugh and we can
go to Ingram Park mall and cruise around.
What is the problem?
1. One sentence – is that possible??
2. The writing sounds breathless
3. All the ideas run together
How is a run-on fixed?
1. Add in a comma and a FANBOYS
2. Use a semi-colon (;)
3. Add in some punctuation (. ? ! )
4. Re-write the paragraph and fix the errors.
Try to use each method as least once.
Dependent vs. Independent
To be a sentence, it must pass the sentence test. (subject
and a verb)
They handle the BB gun carelessly, trading it back and
forth, each slinging the barrel over his shoulder like a
hunter in a frontier television show. (p.1, Winter Birds)
1. They handle the BB gun carelessly.
Subject? Verb?
It is a clause that is independent because it stands on its own
Trading it back and forth
Subject? Verb?
It is a clause that is dependent on a sentence – it just needs a
comma to connect it
Sentence Closer
Sentence ,
Closer .
Core sentence + additions attached and
grouped with commas
Independent clause + dependents
Create your own sentence following the
mentor text as your example.