Comparatives and Superlatives

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Comparison/Contrast Practice
Comparative Adjectives
• Function: To compare two nouns
Short (one-syllable) adjectives
Use - er than
Use not as + adjective + as
Spelling Rule:
ending with consonant + y
change y to i & add –er
Tired – more tired than
Bored – more bored than
Fun – more fun than
You are shorter than I am.
He is more tired than his brother.
They are not as nice as their cousins.
They are less fun than their cousins.
Comparative Adjectives
• Function: To compare two nouns
Two or more syllable adjectives
Use more than
Use less than
Two-syllable words that end in -y,
-le, and –er use –er
pretty, prettier, prettiest
happy, happier, happiest
quiet, quieter, quietest
noble, nobler, noblest
clever, cleverer, cleverest
Some of these adjectives can be
formed in two ways (with
more/less or –er)
This class is more interesting than my other classes.
The library is quieter than the cafeteria.
This exam is less challenging than the Speech exam.
Comparative Adjectives
• Function: To compare two nouns
Good – better than
Bad – worse than
Far – farther than or further than
Farther refers to length or distance
Further refers to time or amount.
Other notes
Use much to make the comparison
Use Which to form questions about
This chapter is much simpler than the previous
Which television show is less interesting?
Which is more fun?
Comparative Adverbs
• Function: To compare the performance of
verb (action or non-action)
Adverbs with -ly endings:
use more or less than.
Some irregular adverbs such as fast, early or
hard: use –er than.
Good, bad, far: use the comparative adjective form.
Showing Equality with
Adjectives and Adverbs
• Function: To show equality between two
nouns or performance of verbs
Adjective – as adjective as
Adverb - as adverb as
She is as nice as her brother.
He reads as quickly as I do.
Superlative Adjectives
• Function: to compare three or more nouns
1 syllable
the adjective –est
not the adjective -est
2 or more syllables*
the most adjective
the least adjective
Out of all of her family, she is the kindest.
After the race, he was the most tired.
This debate is not the most interesting I have seen during this election season.
* Same rule regarding two options for certain two syllable adjectives applies
Superlative Adverbs
• Function: to compare three or more
performances of a verb
the most adverb
the least adverb
If the adverb is irregular, use the adjective form (hardest, earliest, etc.).
Of all my brothers, Stephen drives the least carefully.
The tutor works the hardest with the foster children.
She worked the most quickly of all of the students.
* Same rule regarding two options for certain two syllable adjectives applies
Edit this paragraph for errors in the use of
comparatives and superlatives.
The decision to live on or off campus is a very important one.
It may affect your whole college career. Both situations have
advantages and disadvantages and which one you choose depends
a lot on what is important to you. For example, on-campus housing
is generally much convenienter than off-campus housing. It’s more
easier to get to class, especially early in the morning. Students who
live on campus are also more closer to the facilities such as the
library and the gym. On the other hand, in a dorm, you usually
have to share a room, while off-campus housing can be much more
privater and least noisy. Cafeteria food is another disadvantage of
on-campus housing. Students on special diets will often find it
difficult to live in a dormitory than to live in a rooming house or
apartment, where they can cook for themselves.
Complete the sentences with the superlative
form of the adjectives/adverbs provided.
Example: The Mississippi is the longest river in the United States.
1. The Johnsons have ________________ house on the block.
2. London is one of _____________________ cities in the world.
3. For me, Mondays are _________________ day of the week;
Fridays are ________________.
4. Costa Rica has some of ______________________ rainforests in the world.
Complete the sentences with the superlative
form of the adjectives/adverbs provided.
5. Mt McKinley is ___________________ mountain in the United States.
6. My house is _____________________ from my mother’s new house.
7. Elliot is ___________________ person in his family.
8. She runs _________________ of all the players on her team.
9. The prima ballerina dances __________________ of all of her dance troupe.
This test is _______________________ test I have ever taken.