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1. Comma’s
7. Adverbs
9. Proper nouns
3. Colons
11. Bibliography
2. Semi colons
8. Nouns
10. Proper adjectives
5. Adjectives
6. Verbs
12. Apostrophize
1. Comma’s
For Christmas I got a
bike, cards, and a
new skateboard.
These are
Comma’s explain were
breaks in sentences
are, like are you are
going threw a list of
people or things.
2. Semicolons
There are a lot of
Semicolons are used to
people in my family;
show relation
there are also a lot of
between two ideas
people in the world.
This is a semi colon.
3. Colons
This is what my dog
looks like: long hair,
pointy ears, and is a
Here is a colon.
Colons are used to
show the start of a
list, or the beginning
of a explanation.
4. “Quotes”
“there are big wolves in
the the woods”,
Said Bob
This is a tag
These are
Quotes are used to
show speech. The
words that are inside
the marks are the
words that the
character said. You
will see a tag before
after most quotes,
they tell who is
5. Adjectives
the dog is so fury, soft, and nice
These are some
Adjectives are words
used to describe a
noun in the sentence.
There are often more
than one adjectives in
a sentence.
Proper Adjectives
6. Verbs
When I woke up one day i
walked slowly to the bathroom.
A verb is a type of word
used to show action
or movement in a
7. Adverbs
Adverbs are words used
to describe verbs, like
walked slowly, slowly
would be the adverb.
8. Nouns
The Black monkey
ate it’s food.
The Black monkey hung
from his tail.
Nouns can be any 3
things they are
person, place, or
9. Pronouns
10. Bibliography
Wald, Elijah. How the Beatles Destroyed Rock ’n’ Roll.
USA: Oxford University Press, 2009.
This is the
This were the
book was published
This is
the title
This is the year
it was