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The Super Powers of Language
You can do it!
Shows action or
state of being
Abilities Gives information about what
happened in a sentence or
connects the subject to more
information about the subject.
Tense shows when a verb occurs
Linking - connect the subject to an
adjective or noun.
Auxiliary - work to form verb phrases
that can give more information about
when something occurred.
(also called helping verbs)
Irregulars– form tenses in unusual ways
Great writers know a well chosen
verb is more powerful than the
over use of adverbs
1. Infinitives
2. Gerunds
3. Participles
1. to + a verb form:
used as a noun,
adjective, or adverb
2. End in –ing and are
verbs that are used
as a noun
3. End in –ed or –ing
and are verbs used
as an adjective