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Sentence Part Structure
Ms. Anderson’s 3rd grade
Language Arts Class
Parts That Make a Sentence
 Noun
 Subject
 Verb
 Predicate
 Proper noun
 Verbs are the activity in everyday life. A verb
is anything that shows action. Verbs can be
words like bounced, playing, or moving.
 What is a noun? A noun is a person, place
or thing. A noun can be a bike, house or a
Proper noun
 A proper noun is a person, place, or thing.
That can further be classified as common or
proper. A proper noun names a specific
item, and will always be capitalized. Dallas
is an example of a proper noun.
 The subject is the main part of a sentence. It
is usually at the beginning and it tells you
who or what the sentence is about. The
subject can be a person, or an object.
 A predicate is the second part of the
sentence. A predicate is the part of a clause,
that is not the subject, that expresses
something about the subject. An example is
a table, the grocery store or a pair of shoes.
Review Questions
 The book is on the table.
 What is the subject in the sentence?
 The book
Review Questions
 Jane went to the store.
 What is the predicate in the sentence?
 The store
Review Questions
Jane went outside to play basketball.
Find the noun and the verb in the sentence
Noun: Jane and basketball
Verb: play