Odes, Epic Poems, & Free Verse

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What is an ode?
It’s a long, lyric poem usually addressed to a
particular person ,thing, place.
It generally uses similes, metaphors and
Expresses love or admiration to someone or
The Romantic poets like Wordsworth, Keats and
Shelley used this form of poetry.
Pablo Neruda is a famous Latin American
poet well-known for his odes.
How it Works
• Odes do not have to have a specific rhyme
scheme, number of syllables, or number of
Let’s Read Two Odes!
“Ode to Aphrodite” FOR YOUR INFORMATION:
Aphrodite: Greek goddess of love and beauty
(Called Venus in Roman mythology)
Zeus: Greek god of sky and thunder, ruler of
Olympus mountains, ruler of other gods and
Sappho: You tell me 
• What is the tone in both poems?
• How does the speaker feel about Aphrodite?
• How does the speaker feel about his socks?
• Odes = appreciative and admiring tones
More Examples
• “Ode to a Nightingale” by John Keats [read by
Benedict Cumberbatch]
• “Ode to Kath” by Bob Lowe
Creating One of Your Own
• Required: 3 stanzas total (each stanza must
have at least 3 lines = at least 9 lines overall)
– One object/person/place for your ode to be about
– Use one simile or metaphor. Underline it
– Use one instance of imagery (appealing to senses:
taste, touch, smell, sound, or sight). Circle it.
– You are expressing your admiration and positive
feelings toward this object, person, or place!
Ode to Summer Time
Little children run
See all the fun
Oh joy.
Stanza 3
Stanza 4
Summer sun is
Here to be absolutely
The best
So to Review:
• Choose a person, place or thing that you feel
positively about.
• Choose how many lines you want per stanza
(at least 3!)
• Choose how many stanzas you want (at least
• Choose your rhyme scheme
• Follow the pattern you created and write your