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Apple OSX
Sami Pohjolainen, Gulshan Kumar
 This
is a presentation about Apple OSX
 Sami
[email protected]
 Gulshan
[email protected]
 Apple
Human Interface Guidelines
These guidelines are designed to assist you in
developing products that provide Mac OS X users
with a consistent visual and behavioral
experience across applications and the operating
Involve users in the design process
 Avoid feature cascade
 Apply 80 percent solution
 Detailed explanations on how to design user
Mouse, trackpad, keyboard.
Selecting, editing etc.
Drag-n-drop, text, menus, icons and pointers.
Windows and its controls.
Keyboard shortcuts.
 Text
is prevalent throughout the interface for
such things as button names, pop-up menu
labels, dialog messages, and onscreen help.
 Using text consistently and clearly is a
critical component of interface design.
 Supports standard fonts for interface
 Provides a standard Colors window for
picking colors.
Aqua offers a photo-illustrative icon style—it
approaches the realism of photography but uses
the features of illustrations to convey a lot of
information in a small space.
 The graphic flexibility of Aqua icons can also
help users identify files associated with an
 Application icons should be vibrant and inviting,
and should immediately convey the application’s
Menus are user interface elements that users
refer to frequently, especially when they are
seeking a function for which they know of no
other interface.
 Ensuring that menus are correctly organized, are
worded clearly,and behave correctly is crucial to
the user’s ability to explore and access the
functionality of your applications.
 Guideline gives very detailed explanations on
how menus work at the most basic level.
Menus appear in several different forms in the Mac OS X interface.
Help Menu should be the rightmost menu of the
application’s menus.
 Only one custom item in the Help menu, but if
more items, they should appear below the
 Help menu should not be a table of contents for
the help book
Help Book is a collection of HTML files that
provide onscreen help for a particular product.
 Help button is a button that opens Help Viewer
to the help content appropriate for the context.
A help button is a round button with a question
 Help Viewer is a simple browser used to display
Apple Help HTML files.
 Help Tag is a brief text explanation that appears
when the user leaves the pointer hovering over
an interface element for a few seconds.
Aqua is the overall appearance and behavior of
Mac OS X. Aqua defines the standard appearance
of specific user interface components:
Windows, menus, and controls.
Anti-aliased appearance of text and graphics,
shadowing, transparency, and careful use of color.
Uses high-resolution, high-quality graphics and icons that
include 32-bit color and transparency.
Keep graphics simple, and use them only when they truly
enhance usability.
Don’t overload windows and dialogs with dozens of icons
or buttons.
Includes layout guidelines
Apple explains the design process itself
Involving end-users and how to make design decisions.
What are the characteristic of great software?
High performance, ease of use, attractive appearance,
reliability, adaptability, interoperability, and mobility.
 Explains
Familiarity, simplicity, availability and discoverability
 How
principles of HID
to prioritize design decisions
Meet minimum requirements, deliver features that endusers expect, differentiate your application.
 Software
installations and updates
Packaging, installation, assistants and updating.