SMT rework and repair equipment markets are

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Transcript SMT rework and repair equipment markets are

World Surface Mount Technology Rework
and Repair Equipment Markets
Strategic Pricing Solutions Will Determine
Industry Leaders
“SMT rework and repair equipment markets are becoming increasingly price
conscious. If EMS providers feel they can manufacture satisfactory printed
circuit boards (PCBs) without rework and repair equipment, they may do so.”
Surface and Mount Technology Analyst Team
Frost & Sullivan
Key Features
• Detailed insights into recent developments and trends
• Drivers, restraints, challenges, and strategic recommendations
• Analyst insights into ‘hot topics’ and emerging applications
in the SMT rework and repair equipment markets
• Market-sizing and competitive analysis
• Market forecasts and opportunity analyses
• Quarterly assessments
• End-user analysis
What We Offer
• Global Coverage
• Proven methodology using extensive primary and secondary
data as well as research
• Focused information and strategies that cover business and
technology issues
• Credible data and analyses that highlight industry dynamics
• Winning strategies to create precise business models
Who Will Benefit?
Current Market Participants
• Find out how you compare with the competition
• Assess current and future drivers as well as restraints
• Determine and exploit new market share opportunities
New Entrants
• Analyze the associated challenges
• Calculate timescales for strategy implementation
• Position yourself to capitalize on the unmet needs of the market
Investment Community
• Analyze long-term strategies of companies
• Determine which participants will outperform the competition
• Assess the attractiveness of investing in the market
Key Market Participants
Advanced Techniques Co., Inc.
Air-Vac Engineering Co., Inc.
American Hakko
Assembly Technologies Intl., Inc.
Austin American Technology
Automated Production Equipment Corp.
Bokar International
Christopher Associates
Circuit Repair Corp.
Cooper Tools GmbH
Cooper Tools Hand Division
Crystal Mark, Inc.
Den-On Instruments (USA), Inc.
E. Licht Co.
Edysn, Inc.
ERSA Lottechnik GmbH
Finetech, Inc. - Germany
Genrad, Inc.
Goot'Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd. – Japan
Hakko Corp.
Hexacon Electric Co.
Institute for Interconnecting and
Packaging Electronic Circuits
JBC - U.K.
Kurtz North America
Manix Manufacturing, Inc.
Martin GmbH
Meisho - Japan
Mini Micro Stencil, Inc.
MS Engineering Co., Ltd.
OK International
Pace, Inc.
PDR Microelectronics, Inc. - U.K.
PDR Xytronic
Semiconductor Equipment Corp.
Sierra Research and Technology
Speedline Technologies
ViTechnology, Inc.
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