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Memorial Lane PWSF
Department of
Growth Management
Mehdi Benkhatar,
Haynes historic
~ 500 ft away
Nearest structure:
(Micanopy Animal
Hospital) ~ 700 ft away
Proposed PWSF
location (209’)
• A Personal Wireless Service Facility (PWSF) is
considered an Institutional use is allowed in the
Rural/Agriculture Future Land Use
• PWSF are allowed by special use permit and are
categorized as Tier 1, 2 or 3.
• Tier 3 PWSFs have greatest potential impact
• Proposed tower is 209’ total feet (199’ structure
with additional 10’ of antenna array and
lightning rod)
Originally proposed
tower elevation
Applicant Request
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View 2
View 2
View 3
View 4
View 5
• PWSF height of 200’ or more: must be lit
pursuant to FAA/FCC requirements
• Design types: self-supporting lattice,
monopole, concealed
• Visibility from scenic highway US-441
Lattice vs. monopole design
Example of monopole
Comprehensive Plan
• Policy 5.2.1 of the Future Land Use Element
criteria used to determine the appropriateness of potential locations for
institutional uses
• Objective 5.5 of the Future Land Use Element
designing and locating personal wireless service facilities to eliminate or
minimize adverse visual impacts
• Policy 5.8 of the Future Land Use Element
balance needs for economic development, environmental protection, and
minimization of adverse visual impacts in Alachua County.
• PWSFs should: …use the least obtrusive mount minimize height and
Comprehensive Plan
Policy 7.1.2 of the Future Land Use Element
• Comprehensive Plan Consistency
• Adequate public facilities available
• Compatibility
• Environmental Justice
Section 404.54 (c)1.a. of the Unified Land
Development Code
• Visual Impact Analysis Report
ULDC Consistency
Section 404.54(c)2 of the Unified Land Development
Code (ULDC)
The minimum height necessary to provide the
applicant carrier’s designed service to the area
should be utilized, as verified by an independent
radio frequency (RF) analysis.
a monopole tower or concealed tower is considered
to have less visual impact than alternative tower
ULDC Consistency
Section 402.124 of the ULDC criteria for review of
special use permits:
• Consistency with the Comprehensive Plan
• Consistency with the Unified Land Development
Code (ULDC)
• Compatible with land use pattern
• Use will not adversely affect health, safety, welfare
1. This Special Use Permit is issued to allow construction and operation of a 209 foot personal wireless
service facility (PWSF) within a portion of parcel number 16488-000-000 (as described in the legal
description) on approximately 0.22 acres located at 101574 Memorial Lane.
2. The PWSF shall have a monopole or concealed design.
3. Landscaping buffering of the site shall meet the requirements of Sec. 404.54(d)(5) of the ULDC.
4. The applicant shall be required to maintain Memorial Lane from US 441 to the eastern boundary of
the property during the tower construction, or any reconstruction of the tower. The applicant shall
notify the Public Works Department a minimum of five business days prior to the commencement of
construction so that the Department can evaluate the condition of the roadway. Prior to the final
release of the site, the applicant shall restore this roadway to pre-existing conditions as determined by
the Public Works Department. This may require the applicant to perform a final regrading of Memorial
Lane from US 441 to the eastern boundary of the property.
5. The applicant shall comply with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances,
including Chapter 404, Article 12 of the Alachua County Unified Land Development Regulations, now
and hereafter in force, which may be applicable to the use of the site. Any violation of the above
conditions shall be grounds for suspension or revocation of this Special Use Permit by the Alachua
County Board of County Commissioners.
Staff Recommendation
The application is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan
and the ULDC policies related to the design of the tower
and visual impact.
The tower, as conditioned, is compatible with the
surrounding land uses.
Staff recommends that the Board of County
Commissioners approve of item ZOS-01-16 with the
conditions and bases as noted in the staff report.
Planning Commission
• The Planning Commission recommended approval
of ZOS-01-16 with the conditions and bases as
noted in the staff report on May 18, 2016.