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Sit down and quietly write down the
following standards in your notebook:
ELACC7RL1 – Cite several pieces of textual
evidence to support analysis of what the
text says explicitly as well as inferences
drawn from the text.
ELACC7RL2 – Determine 2 or more central
ideas in a text and analyze their
development over the course of the text;
provide an objective summary of the text.
Document Check
• Do you have…
– Why Did Islam Spread So Quickly: Background
– Document A
– Bucketing – Getting Ready to Write
– Documents B + C
Document B Review
• 1.) According to verse 33:35 of the Qur’an, what
are the qualities of someone who is favored by
• 2.) What does verse 5:32 suggest about the
value of human life?
• 3.) Examine verse 2:188. What does it suggest
about Islam’s view of private property?
• 4.) According to verse 22:39, when are Muslims
allowed to fight?
• 5.) How does this document explain how Islam
spread so quickly?
Doc B Answer 1
• Devout, sincere, patient, humble, charitable,
chaste, ever mindful of God, and one who
• back
Doc B Answer 2
• Human life is very valuable and all humans
are interconnected. The only reasons one
should kill another is if the person committed
murder or other vicious acts.
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Doc B Answer 3
• An ideal society is one that protects property.
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Doc B Answer 4
• When you are attacked.
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Doc B Answer 5
• “The Message” of Islam – Paradise, Justice,
Secure Property, Humility and Charity.
Document C Review
• 1.) By what year had each of the following
come under Muslim control? Mecca,
Jerusalem, Cairo, Baghdad, and Saragossa.
• 2.) How far north did Islam spread in the
600s? How far east?
• 3.) What does this map tell you about
Muhammad’s followers?
• 4.) How does this document explain how
Islam spread so quickly?
Doc C Answer 1
Mecca (632 or before)
Jerusalem (661 or before)
Cairo (661 or before)
Baghdad (661 or before)
Saragossa (750 or before)
• back
Doc C Answer 2
• It spread as far north as France and as far
east as India.
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Doc C Answer 3
• To take control of such a large area, they
must have been not only devoted to their
prophet (Muhammad), but also skilled and
well-organized fighters.
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Doc C Answer 4
• Military conquest – since Islam spread so
quickly in 140 years, either the message of
Islam had appeal or the Muslim military used
coercive tactics (maybe both).
New Bucket Advice
• Document A –
• Document B –
• Document C –
Work Session
• Quietly, work with your partner on
Documents D and E.
• You only have the remainder of the period to
work on these.
• What topic would you say that Document D
and E belong to for the Spread of Islam?
– Example –
Document A = Trade Routes
Document B = The Message
Document C = Military Conquest
Document D =
Document E =