Imam Ali (as) Part 1

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Transcript Imam Ali (as) Part 1

By: Mariam Mohammad
Abdul Mut’talib
Abu Talib
ALI = Nobility
Son of Abu Talib
(The Prophet (pbuh) Uncle)
First Baby EVER to be
Born inside the Kaaba
Prophet Muhammad &
Khadija took care of
Imam Ali (as)
At the age of TEN, Imam
Ali (as) became the
Quick Summary of the Imam
Supports the Prophet at the Dinner Party at age 13
Suffers with Benu Mutalib in the 3 year siege
Witnesses the death of his father during the siege
Lies in the Prophet’s bed when the Prophet left for
Marries Fatima Al-Zahraa (as)
On the 15th of Ramadhan Al-Hassan (as) was born
Asked to embrace Islam
Ten year old Ali sees Muhammad (pbuh)
and Khadija praying
Ali is asked to accept Islam, and has an
agitating night deciding
Ali embraces Islam the next morning,
becoming the first male to embrace Islam
Ali grew to manhood to be unique as none
At age 13 yrs
To Declare Islam
Publicly, Muhammad
gives a Party to his
Asking who would
support him in his task?
None volunteered
except the 13 Yr old Ali
Muhammad designates
Ali as designated by
Muhammad as:
1. the brother,
2. the deputy, and
3. the one to
succeed him
At age 13 yrs
Muhammad asked in
the Party:
“Who would then
uphold me so that he
My Brother, My Deputy,
and the One to Succeed
‫فأيكم يؤازرني على هذا األمر‬
:‫على أن يكون‬
ِّ ‫ووصي‬
‫وخليفتي فيكم؟‬
Ali witnesses the abuse to Muslims
The degrading treatment dealt to Muslims
by Quraish
His brother, Ja’far, to leave to Abyssinia
The 3 Yr boycott, leading to death of
Khadija and Abu Talib
The Aqaba agreement to leave Mecca
In the Prophet’s bed: age 23 yrs
To leave Mecca, Muhammad asks Ali to
be in his bed to fool the would-be
Ali glad to risk his life for Islam
Ali returns Muhammad’s Trust to its
Ali leaves Mecca to Medina on foot along
with Fatima and others
The ordeal took 2 weeks of walking
At Qu’baa, Ali welcomed by the Prophet
The Prophet waited for about two weeks in Qubaa,
Seeing Ali from a distance, the Prophet welcomes Ali
and the 4 Fatimas enthusiastically,
Ali was exhausted, for he had finished the journey of
about 300 miles, walking, in two weeks.
The Prophet was very happy for Ali,
Ali’s feet were swollen from the arduous walking, the 300
The family is safe in Medina, thanks to the Almighty.
Al-Masjid al-Nabawi
In Medina, Muhammad decided to construct a
mosque immediately.
Replica of
al-Masjid al-Nabawi Nowadays
First few years in Medina I
Fatima marries the 24 Yr old Ali
Ali's role in Badr Confrontation:
The focus and the hero
The Prophet nick-names him: Lion of Allah
‫أسد هللا‬
Al-Hasan is born after Badr Confrontation
What Badr Looks Like
At Badr: ‫غزوة بدر‬
The Battle of Badr, was fought March 17, 624
AD (17 Ramadan 2 AH in the Islamic calendar),
Badr was a key battle in the early days of Islam and
a turning point in Muhammad's struggle with his
opponents among the Quraish in Mecca.
The battle was a decisive victory
attributable to Divine intervention, or
by secular sources to the genius of Muhammad.
It is one of the few battles specifically mentioned in
the Quran.
At Badr: ‫غزوة بدر‬
Prior to the battle, the Muslims and Meccans had
several smaller skirmishes in late 623 and early 624,
the Muslim ghazawat had become more frequent.
Badr, however was the first large-scale engagement
between the two forces.
Advancing to a strong defensive position,
Muhammad's well-disciplined force broke the Meccan lines,
killing several important Quraish leaders
Including Muhammad's chief antagonist, Amr ibn Hisham
(Abu Jahl).
At Badr: ‫غزوة بدر‬
For the early Muslims:
the battle was the first sign that they might
eventually defeat their enemies in Mecca.
Mecca at that time was one of the richest and most
powerful cities in Arabia
The Meccans fielded an army three times larger
than that of the Muslims.
The Muslim victory also signaled to other tribes that
a new power had arisen in Arabia
and strengthened Muhammad’s position as leader
of the often fractious community in Medina.
Battle of Uhod
1 Year after Badr
Imam Ali is now 26 years old
Meccans now led by Abu Sufyan
Revenge for Badr
3,000 vs 700 Muslims
The Imam prevented a would-death to the
Prophet by singularly repulsing the waves
of attackers one after the other and forcing
them to flee
Neither side won
Ali in Ohod
Ali's in Ohod
Kills nine of the enemy’s
Flag Bearers
Defends the person of the
Repels four attacks to kill
the Prophet
The Prophet said:
Yet for a Caliber as
that of Ali, and Yet
for a sword as that
of Ali’s
‫ال فتى إال علي‬
‫وال سيف إال ذوالفقار‬
Ali after Ohod
Life after Ohod: Very unsettling
Frequent attempts against the Muslims
Ali frequent participation in defense
On the average one attempt every 3 weeks
Al-Husain is Born, gives pleasure to the
Prophet and the whole family
Salman’s Idea In the Ditch Encounter
Salman suggested to dig
a 15 ft deep & 15 ft wide
ditch at certain weak
spots around Medina to
prevent the enemies from
The Muslims were to
stay in the inner side and
fight anyone who dared
to cross
6 days were spent
digging…while Abu
Sufyan & his army were
dreaming of their victory
to be
Ali's role in the Ditch encounter
Ali helps digging the Ditch
Amr ibn Abd Wid crosses the Ditch
Amr, bragging, challenges the Muslims
Ali takes the challenge
Ali ducks all Amr’s attempts
Exhausted, Amr falls to the ground
Ali on top of Amr, Ali offers Amr Islam
Amr spits in the face of Ali, Ali finishes him off
Quraish psychology is shattered
Imam Ali & Fatima Al-Zahraa (as)
Exemplary Character
During Ramadhan
During Iftoor a man in ragged clothes knocked
and asked if he could be helped and fed
The man was offered all the food available
Both Imam Ali & Fatima Al-Zahraa were
left with nothing & little to cook for suhoor
The Next Day
A knock at the door during Iftoor
This time it was an orphan asking for help
He was also offered all their food leaving
the Imam & his wife with nothing
The Third Day
Imam Ali & Fatima Al-Zahraa (as)
were shaky & dizzy at Ifoor
A knock at the door was heard
A man who was destitute was in need of
They couldn’t help but again offer their
They underwent THREE days with nothing
to eat!
A revelation was sent down by Allah (swt)
‫ويطعمون الطعام علی حب ِّه ِِّ ِّمس ِّکينا وي ِّتيما و‬
‫أ ِّس ِّی ِِّ ِِّرا‬
“Out of the love of Allah, They feed the
POOR, the ORPHAN and the
(Surah 76: Ayah 5-13)
Imam Ali is now 30
Accompanied the Prophet to perform
25 years were spent under the care and
Tutoring of the Prophet (pbuh)
Numerous hadiths were mentioned on
behalf of Ali:
Great Aspects Found in Ali (as)
A man of genius
Brilliance is not only analyzing problems
but finding solutions to them
Original thinker, an originator, a creative
finding thinking man
Power of in-depth analysis of any
situation, within the Islamic ideals and
never shifting from these
The Battle of Khaybar
The Last Chance for the Jews
There were many attempts by the Muslims
to conquer the forts of Khaybar, but were
unsuccessful. Then….
Abu Bakr led the Muslims to subjugate the
forts…but did not succeed
Omar was next, and was also unsuccessful
The Prophet declared:
Ali in Khaybar II
At Khaybar, the Prophet
Tomorrow I'll Give The
To A Man Who Will Succeed
By Allah's Will
He Loves Allah And His
And Likewise Allah And His
Messenger Love Him
‫عطين هذه الراية‬
ِّ ‫أل‬
‫غدا رجال يفتح‬
‫هللا على‬
‫يحبُّ هللا ورسوله‬
‫وي ِّحبُّه هللا‬
Ali in Khaybar
Ali, 29 Yr old, was with swollen infected
Given the leadership
Overwhelm Marhab, the Jewish Hero
Severe fight, with Ali lifting a door for a
The main Fort surrenders in defeat
7 more Jewish forts surrender in defeat
Castle of Khaybar which Ali
Site of the door of Khaybar, which Ali
lifted as a shield
The ruins of Khaybar nowadays
AHLUL BAYT: Surah 33: Ayah 33.
‫ِّإنما ي ِّريد اّلل ِّليذ ِّهب عنكم‬
ِّ ‫الرجس أهل البي‬
‫ويط ِّهركم تط ِّهيرا‬
Christian Delegation Comes to Medina
In Dialogue with Muhammad
Discuss Religion and authenticity of
Muhammad’s Call
Quranic Revelation to challenge the
Challenge to incur the Wrath of God on
the liars
Revelation says:
Surah 3: Ayah 61.
‫فمن حآجك فِّي ِّه ِّمن بع ِّد ما‬
‫جاءك ِّمن ال ِّعل ِّم‬
‫فقل تعالوا ندع أبناءنا وأبناءكم‬
‫ونِّساءنا ونِّساءكم وأنفسنا‬
‫ثم نبت ِّهل فنجعل لعنة اّللِّ على‬
‫الكا ِّذبِّين‬
Mubaahala II
For the Challenge, Prophet chooses Ali to
represent himself
Thus the Prophet sees Ali as if to
represent the Self of Muhammad
None of the multitude and great Sahaaba
was chosen other than Ali
This was one of the highest honors to Ali
Farewell Haj
participated at the
Each Yr afterwards
50,000 or more
perform the Haj
Nowadays, 2-3
Million perform the
They hail from all
over the world
Ghadeer Khum
Having finished the Farewell Haj
Ali’s station being specified by the Prophet
At Ghadeer Khum: A major highway
intersection between Mecca and Medina
People are gathered, being called back
The Prophet addresses the massive crowd
Ghadeer Khum
Mid-way between Mecca and Medina: They stop at
Ghadeer Khum. The Prophet had received a Revelation.
Having received Ayah 67 of Surah5 saying:
ِّ ‫نزل إِّليك ِّمن ربِّك وإِّن لم تفعل فما بلغت ِّرسالته واّلل يع‬
ِّ ‫يا أيُّها الرسول ب ِّلغ ما أ‬
‫اس إِّن اّلل ال يهدِّي القوم الكافِّ ِّرين‬
ِّ ‫ِّمن الن‬
O' Messenger! Declare what has been sent to you, And if
you don't, Then you have not declared Allah's message
[in full], And Allah will safeguard you from [injury by]
Ghadeer Khum
Following the Haj, the Prophet and multitude of others
were on their way home, including Abu Bakr and Omar.
Juhfa was an intersection between Mecca and Medina
Near Juhfa, at an oasis called Ghadeer Khum, the
Prophet delivered a speech
The Prophet stood on an elevation to be seen by the
massive crowd
He took Ali with him and raised his and Ali’s arms up
He gave a long speech, the highlight was:
Ali is Appointed as the Wali (in charge of the Ummah)
after the Prophet
The Prophet’s Speech at Ghadeer Khum
‫ي مواله اللهم وال من وااله وعاد من عاده‬
ٌ ‫من كنت مواله فهذا عل‬
‫وانصر من نصره واخذل من خذله وأدر الحق معه حيثما دار‬
O' people, whosoever I am his leader, So is Ali to
be his leader
O' lord, uphold him who upholds Ali, And antagonize him
who antagonizes Ali, And support him who supports Ali,
And impede him who impedes Ali, And let the truth be
with Ali wherever he goes
After the Speech in Ghadeer Khum
Omar came forward congratulating Ali:
‫من ومؤمنه‬
ٍّ ‫ أصبحت موالي ومولى كل مؤ‬،‫بخٍّ بخٍّ لك يا علي‬
Congratulations, congratulations, O' Ali! You
have become my leader And the leader of every
believer, man or woman.
Abu Bakr did likewise
The multitude of others came to congratulate Ali
before heading home
Ghadeer Khum
When done, Ayah of Fulfillment was
revealed, Allah said in Surah 5: Ayah 3.
‫اليوم أكملت لكم دِّينكم وأتممت عليكم نِّعمتِّي‬
‫اإلسالم دِّينا‬
ِّ ‫ور‬
ِّ ‫ضيت لكم‬
This day, I have perfected to you your faith, And
completed my blessings upon you, And I have
chosen for you Al-Islam as Your religion
Ghadeer Khum Nowadays
At the death bed of the Prophet
At the sick bed of the Prophet:
Omar was among those in the room. Upon hearing that
the Prophet had requested someone to write a Will for
him, Omar hastily commanded:
‫ وعندنا كتاب هللا حسبنا‬،‫إن النبي غلبه الوجع‬
Allah's Messenger is overwhelmed by his sickness:
Suffice it we have Allah's book with us.
The Prophet dismissed everyone from his room
Thus a Will was effectively prevented
Death of the Prophet
With the Death of the Prophet, Ali in Great Grief
Imam Ali (as) was 33 years old when the
Prophet (pbuh) died.
Ali prepares the body for burial
Abu Bakr, along with Omar and others go to a
meeting at Saqeefa
Lots of argument take place at Saqifa
Omar nominates Abu Bakr, and so Abu Bakr
was chosen in this hustle and bustle
Abu Bakr announces his Khilaafah in the Masjid
After the Prophet
Ali hears (too late) that Abu Bakr was the Khalifa
Ali thought Khilaafah was his according to
Ghadeer Pronouncement of the Prophet
Ali at first objected to Khilaafah of Abu Bakr
along with many Sahaaba
Fatima is prevented from her inheritance of
Fatima argues in the Masjid and is in angry