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Transcript introduction_to_Islam

Can anyone tell me what this is?
Today you are going to learn …
About the Islam faith
The place of worship for the Islam
Islam is the religion of
people called Muslims.
Muslims believe that
someone is more
important than
themselves and they obey
them. Muslims believe
this person is God, whom
they call Allah.
Muslims believe that there is one God and he is
Muslims believe
Prophets spread
the word of Allah.
The last and most
important prophet
was a man called
This picture is of Muslim Children
Muslims believe that Muhammad received
messages from Allah, given to him by an angel.
Muslims believe that
these messages were
the words of Allah and
can never be changed.
They were collected together to form
the Muslims’ holy book which is called
the Qur’an.
This is the symbol
most often used for
There are over 1.2 billion Muslims in the world
today, living in almost every country in the world.
About 3 million Muslims live in the USA, about 1.5
million live in Britain, and about 220,000 live in
In most of the countries in northern Africa and
the Middle East, over half of the population are
In Europe, Islam is the second largest religion
after Christianity.
Muslims pray in a place called a Mosque.
In the entrance of the mosque there is a row of
clocks to inform them of the prayer times for
the day.
Muslim take off their shoes before they enter
the mosque.
Muslims then perform wudu, washing to make
themselves fit for prayer.
The main room of the mosque
There is no furniture
Decorated in Arabic text.
Never any pictures
Usually covered in carpet
May have a large single dome on the roof or
one or more smaller ones
This is called the Prayer Hall
Muslims pray in this room at prayer times
Muslims pray facing in the direction of Mecca
Muslims may use prayer mats
Muslims prayers involve standing, bowing and
The Mihrad
Alcove or arch set into the
Shows the qiblah
Pray leader usually stands in
from of the mihrab
The minbar
Raised platform next to
the mihrab
The imam stands on it
when he preaches
Some minbars are very
decorated, others may
just be a simple flight if
It raises the imam so
that everyone can hear
him clearly
Any questions about the Mosque?
Useful words
Allah. – The Muslims God
Qur’an.- Muslim holy book
Mosque.- Place of worship
Wudu – the wash before prayer
Mihrad – Alcove or arch in prayer hall
Minbar – platform or stairs where the prayer leader
qiblah – direction of Mekkah
Mekkah – can be known as Mecca. A place in Saudi
Imam – Muslin leader or teacher
WALT: identify differences between Allah and Muhammad
1. Identify at least 3 things you have learnt about
2. Identify at least 3 things you have learnt about
3. Cut out the hexagons and stick to the correct
Islamic word.
4. In the empty hexagons add other Islamic facts
from the fact sheet.