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Types of Angles
Angles form when rays share the same
This common endpoint is called the vertex.
The two sides are rays of the angle.
A Matter of Degrees
Angles are measured in degrees. There are 90
degrees (90°) in a square corner like the one
shown here.
Right Angles
You will learn about four different types of
angles. The first is a right angle. Right angles
measure exactly 90°.
The angles at the corners of this rectangle are
right angles.
Acute Angles
Angles that have a measure between 0° and
90° are called acute angles.
The angles at the corners of a yield sign are
acute angles. They are smaller than right
Obtuse Angles
Obtuse angles are big. They measure between
90° and 180°
The angles formed on the corners of a stop
sign are all obtuse angles.
Straight Angles
Straight angles have a measurement of exactly
A straight angle looks like this:
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