My summer vacation

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My summer vacation
This summer vacation I spent out in Russian Children
Center «Orlyonok».
It is on a coast of the Black Sea.
Russian Children Center
Russian Children Center «Orlyonok» is an educational
and recreational center for teenagers from 88 regions
of Russian Federation and foreign countries.
The Russian Children Center «Orlyonok» is
subordinated to the Ministry of Education and
Science of Russian Federation.
About 2500 children and youth people go to
«Orlyonok» in summer for one period and about 1200
ones in winter. One period lasts 21 days.
Every child in «Orlyonok» has the opportunity to
participate in more than 50 international,
federal and regional programs, travel and
enjoy the unique nature of North Caucasus and
the Black Sea. Well-know politicians, people
of Art and Culture often visit our Center. The
former President of Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin has visited «Orlyonok» in
On 12, July 2005 Russian Children Center
«Orlyonok» celebrates it’s 45th jubilee.
«Orlyonok» the one big city. In this city seven
camp: “Sun”, “Star”, “Impetuous”, “Gale”,
“Komsomol”, “Patrol”, “Olympic”.
I was in Star.
Black Sea