Geogebra Introduction - UH Department of Mathematics

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Geogebra Introduction
Geogebra Download and
Graphing Functions
Creating Functions
Creating and Referencing Points
Creating Tangent Lines
Creating Normal Lines
Plotting Parameterized Curves
• The “Curve[]” Command
• Interacting with Curves
• Sliders
Least Squares
• Plotting Points in the Graph Window
• Using the Drop-Down Menu to Find the
Line of Best Least Squares Fit
• Plotting Points from the Spreadsheet
• Using the “FitLine[]” Command to Find the
Line of Best Least Squares Fit
Area and Integrals
• Displaying and Computing Lower Sums
and Upper Sums with the “LowerSum[]”
and “UpperSum[]” Commands
• Displaying and Computing Areas with the
“Integral[]” Command
• Demonstrating the Fundamental Theorem
of Calculus
Basic Geometry
• Creating Circles, Lines, Line Segments,
Bisectors, Polygons and Measuring Angles
• Investigating Sums of Measures of Angles
of Polygons
• Investigating Intersections of Bisectors of
Sides of Triangles
• Plotting Sequences with the “Sequence[]”
• Exploring a Special Sequence
Polar Plots
• Using Parametric Curves to Create Polar
• Exploring Special Polar Plots
Taylor Polynomials
• Using the “TaylorPolynomial[]” Command
• Exploring the Convergence of Taylor
• Warnings Associated with Using
Matrix Commands
and Systems of Equations
• Using the Spread Sheet to Create
• Computing Matrix Addition, Subtraction,
Multiplication, Determinant, Trace and
• Solving Linear Systems of n Equations
and n Unknowns