6 th Grade

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Transcript 6 th Grade

We are Peace Builders
• Research-Based Program
• Proactive prevention
Every Month:
Peace Builder principle
Virtue Theme
Students of the Month
Peace Builders committee
Discipline procedure
• We are following the discipline
• system that is in your parent
• handbook (pg. 14-18) which you can find online at Bishopmac.com.
• Misbehavior is a matter of choice. Choosing to disrupt class infringes
upon the rights of others students to learn. If a student misbehaves,
there are different levels of consequences in place. See the handbook
for more specific details.
Homework Policy
• Students will be expected to write homework down in their planners
and can check teacher webpages each night as well.
• Homework will be considered late if it is incomplete, left at home, or
not turned in on assigned date.
• Late work policy
1st day late = 80% of possible credit
2nd day late= 50% of possible of credit/stay in at recess to
complete work
3rd day late= 10% of possible credit
After three late assignments in a teacher’s classroom, student will
serve a detention.
Mrs. Thompson- 5th Grade Math
• Decimals- Place Value, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and
• Multiplying and Dividing Larger Numbers
• Fractions- Four operations with like and unlike denominators
• Order of Operations
• Coordinate Planes
• Introduction to Expression and Variables
• Geometry (focus on volume) and Measurement
Mrs. Thompson- 6th Grade Math
• Add, subtract multiply, and divide decimals fluently
• Fluently compute fraction operations with unlike denominators
and mixed numbers
• Algebraic expressions
• Ratios and unit rates
• Positive and negative integers, absolute value
• Geometry: area of triangles, rectangular prisms, surface area
• Customary and metric measurement
Mrs. Thompson-5/6th Grade Math
• Homework: Practice concepts 2-3 times per week
• Simple Solutions (5th only) : assigned Monday-Thursday
• Classwork: Whiteboard practice, math centers, independent
• Tests/Quizzes: Weekly Friday quizzes, Tests at the end of unit
• Homework: 10%
Classwork: 40% Tests/quizzes: 50%
Mrs. Thompson- 5th Grade Science
• PHYSICAL-Matter- Physical and chemical properties, states of
matter, mixtures and solutions, conservation of matter
• EARTH- layers of the atmosphere, Earth’s water, stars and their
properties, Earth’s days, years, and seasons
• LIFE- plants and plant processes, ecosystems and biomes,
human effect on the earth’s environment
Mrs. Thompson- 6th Grade Science
• LIFE- Cells and cell functions, microorganisms, viruses and
• EARTH- Weathering and erosion, geologic history, rocks,
minerals, fossils, plate tectonics and movement of Earth’s crust
• PHYSICAL- Kinetic and potential energy, work and simple
machines, electricity and magnetism
6th Graders will also start the process of researching a topic for
Science Fair (February)
Mrs. Thompson- 5th/6th Science
• Science labs that will give students opportunities to explore
concepts that are covered in class
• Regular incorporation of the Scientific Method
• STEM labs- Engineering and design process (Ask/imagine and
plan/create/test/improve if needed)
• Homework- 10% Classwork/Labs- 40% Tests/quizzes- 50%
STEM Pipe Cleaner Challenge- 5th Grade
STEM Basketball Challenge- 6th Grade
Mrs. Chinski – 5A Math
• Homework: Practice Concepts 2-3 times per week
• Simple Solutions: Assigned Monday – Thursday
• Classwork: whiteboard practice, math manipulatives,
independent work, pair and small group practice, teaching
partners, centers
• Tests/Quizzes: Weekly Friday quizzes, tests at the end of unit
Homework: 10%
Classwork: 40%
Tests/Quizzes: 50%
Mrs. Chinski – 5A Math
Decimals, Place Value, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing
Multiplying and Dividing Larger Numbers
Fractions – Four operations with like and unlike denominators
Order of Operations
Coordinate Planes
Introduction to Expressions and Variables
Geometry and Measurement
Applications 5/6
Mrs. Chinski – 5th Social Studies
United States History
- The beginning of civilizations in other countries
- How did we all get here?
- The birth of our nation
- Revolutionary War through the Cold War
* Text, interactive notebook, units, projects
Study Guides will be given out before tests. Flash cards are due
the day of the review.
Mrs. Chinski – 6th Social Studies
Each unit of study of a region consists of:
A chapter on the Geography
A chapter on the History of the region
A chapter on the Culture of the region
* Text, units, Channel 1 News, projects
Flash cards are due 2 days before the test. A study guide will be
given prior to the test.
Strategy Applications 5/6
Students are challenged to become close readers.
Close reading is a critical analysis of a text that focuses on
details in order to develop a deep, precise understanding of the
text’s form, meaning, etc.
Close reading helps students understand WHY WE READ.
It’s a SURVIVAL SKILL in our media-saturated world.
* Expeditionary Learning
Mrs. Chinski - Religion
5th Grade
6th Grade
The Goodness of God
Jesus is the Son of God
The Holy Spirit
The Church
Social Justice
Each unit: Believe, Worship,
Live, Pray
We answer God’s Call
God Saves and Delivers Us
God Invites Us Into His
God Reminds Us to do His Will
God Promises Us Everlasting
Mrs. Bevis, ELA (English Language Arts)
Grade 5
• Newsletters will be coming home on Mondays with spelling
rules/pattern for the week as well as challenge words
• Spelling rule/pattern will be given with an example that follows the
rule(s) 5 will be on test; the spiral words on test consists of 5 previous
words; there will be 5 trick words on test making 15 words on test
• The challenge and super challenge words are from Journeys vocab
and in class cross over vocabulary
Grammar is covered in Journeys series
Journeys series can be accessed at Think Central website
Grade 6 ELA
• Leaders of the school~role models
• Will not be having spelling tests but
• rather will be focusing on vocabulary
• development
• Will use the McDougall Literature series in class as well as novel
studies and grammar enrichment
• Participate in IESA Speech Contest
IESA Speech Contest for Gr. 6,7,8
• Mark the date….SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29
• Timeline and info
We are One!
www. bishopmac.com
Teacher email:
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