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Entry Task
Monday, October 7th
Explain 3 ways you use
minerals in your
every day life. Be
prepared to share
• Conflict Minerals
• 2.3 Vocabulary
Objective: I can understand how
minerals are used in every day life
• Read/RSG 2.3
Please have on your desk
• Mineral ID lab packet- Put your
Name on it and turn it in
Tuesday, October 8th
Entry Task
1. What do you think the
relationship between minerals
and rocks is? Explain in detail.
2. Draw a diagram labeling the
layers of Earth.
• Chapter 2 Wrap-Up
• Bill Nye-Rocks
I can understand that the
rock cycle shows how
rocks change
• Read/RSG 3.1
Please Have on Desk:
•Mineral ID lab packet
•2.3 RSG
Wednesday, October 9th
Entry Task
Write down the following
sentences and then fill in the
blanks with the correct
1. Most rocks are made up of
2. The most common types of
rock in Earth’s crust are
_________ and __________
3. Igneous rock can form deep
within Earth or on
_________ ___________
• Rock Cycle
• Igneous Rock-Rock Book
Objective: I can
understand that igneous
rocks form from molten
• Read/RSG 3.2
Please have on your desk
• 3.1 RSG
Types of Rocks
• Igneous– forms when molten rock cools and becomes solid
– Can form within Earth or is can form on Earth’s
• Metamorphic– Forms when heat or pressure causes older rocks to
change into new types of rocks
• Sedimentary– Forms when pieces of older rocks, plants and other
loose material get pressed or cemented together
Thursday, October 10th
Entry Task
Answer the following questions
using full sentences, IQIA.
• Rock book-Sedimentary
Objective: I can understand
that sedimentary rocks form
1. What is the main difference from earlier rocks
between intrusive and
extrusive igneous rocks?
• Read/RSG 3.3
2. What are the two major
• Research Your Rock
properties used to classify
igneous rocks?
3. Why can intrusive igneous
Please have on your desk:
rocks be left behind when
• Rock Book
surrounding rocks are worn
• 3.2 RSG will be checked
off tomorrow
Friday, October 11th
• Rock book- Metamorphic
Answer the following question
Objective: I can understand
using full sentences, IQIA.
that metamorphic rocks form
as existing rocks change
1. What types of material can
make up sediments?
• Finish Rock Book- all
2. Describe the three
sections + cover picture +
processes by which
rock cycle on the back
sedimentary rocks form
• Read/RSG 3.4
3. Describe how a
sedimentary rock can show Please have on your desk:
how fast water was flowing • 3.2 and 3.3 RSGs
when its sediments were
• Rock Book
laid down.
• Research your rock
Entry Task