Biotechnology is Everywhere!

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Transcript Biotechnology is Everywhere!

Probiotics and
Functional Foods
The Biotech of Digestion
What are Probiotics?
• dietary supplements
containing potentially
beneficial bacteria such
as Lactobacillus and
Bifidobacterium or yeasts
• probiotics means “for life”
What are Probiotics?
• ‘Live microorganisms
which when
administered in
adequate amounts
confer a health
benefit on the host
Why do we need probiotics?
• Flora Out of Balance
excessive alcohol
toxic substances
Where do probiotics fit
into digestion?
• body contains a miniature ecology of
microbes, collectively known gut flora
• balanced they work together for health
digestion but sometimes out of balance
• Use probiotic bacteria work to decrease
competitor bacteria harmful to our health
How do probiotics work?
• Probiotic bacterial cultures assist gut flora
• Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) most used by
– converting sugars including lactose and
other carbohydrates into lactic acid
– acts as a preservative by lowering pH and
creating fewer opportunities for spoilage
• characteristic sour taste of fermented dairy
foods such as yogurt
Claims Made for Probiotics
Improving Immune Function
Preventing Infections
Managing Lactose Intolerance
Prevention of Colon Cancer
Cholesterol Lowering
Lowering Blood Pressure
Current Research
• test-tube experimentation rather than on
clinical trials in human subjects
• The basic concept of probiotics is based
on a misunderstanding of the role of
microflora in the human digestive tract.
• difficult to understand how bacteria taken
by mouth survive human digestion, though
research shows that they do survive