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Having you ever dreamed of a
house like the famous family
The Jetsons?
This maybe possible with the
invention of a products like the
Smart Faucet
Types of Smart Faucets
• Like most devices a smart faucet is
continually growing and changing and
becoming available in all various styles
and degrees.
• Moving forward we are going to look at
two smart faucets
– iHome SmartFaucet-new and upcoming style
– Smart Faucet-innovative approach to saving
iHouse SmartFaucet
iHouse SmartFaucet
• iHouse Brazilian company FEICON that makes
products like fingerprint activated doors and cell
phone-controlled window blinds.
• A faucet with facial recognition that turns water
on to temperature and flow preferences.
• The tap saves preferences for multiple users, so
every member of a household can have settings
adjusted instantly.
• SmartFaucet also has a touch screen that
can be used to check your calendar, check
the outside temperature, and even access
• SmartFaucet's screen sits at a 45-degree
angle in the position you would normally
find the tap handle
• The device's LED display changes from
blue (cold) to red (hot) when the
temperature changes.
• Could prevent scalding of children.
• No information has been released yet on
the possible cost of this product.
• However cost is intended to be expensive
for this multifunctional device.
Smart Gadgets Inc
Smart Faucet™
Why Smart Faucet?
• The Smart Faucet is a water conservation device
that eliminates 100% of water waste at the faucet
• Easy to use for children, elderly, disabled
• Hygienic eliminates the need to touch the faucet
valves, cross-contamination of the valves is
avoided, and the spread of bacteria is reduced.
• Handle has antimicrobial properties, which
further reduces the spread of bacteria.
• Solve a leaky faucet problem, without the need
to call a plumber
How do you use SmartFaucet?
• Simply install the device onto your sink.
• Apply slight pressure to the handle
• Can adjust the handle to allow for a
continuous flow when needed.
• It is easy to install, and fits most standard
faucets. Simply remove your existing
aerator and insert the Smart Faucet in its
place, and hand tighten.
• Once the Smart Faucet is installed, you
adjust your faucet valves to your preferred
temperature settings and leave them in
Purchasing and Cost
• Purchase a Smart Faucet™ for only $16.95!
• Smart Gadgets Inc.
8756 Marin Cir. Unit 513C
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
(866) 890 7675
[email protected]
• http://www.water-saver
• iHouse
• Smart Faucet
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