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Transcript Community Service

Community Service is
my middle name…
By: Trey “Community
Service” Monroe
• Relay for Life is a Great way to
serve the community.
• All the money raised by Relay
For Life is donated to the
American Cancer Association.
What Is Relay For Life?
• Relay is a “race” of
sorts that honors
those who have had
cancer and try and
help find a cure for
those with cancer.
• Website
How does the fundraiser
raise money?
• The way relay for life works is,
organizations such as Freshmen Year
Experience get a team together to try and
raise money. They come up with fun ideas
such as a Tie Dying tent to try and raise
money for the team. The FYE team is
charging a certain amount for each shirt
we dye. People donate money according
to how many laps a member runs. For
example if I asked my dad’s company to
donate money he would say we will give
you 100 dollars to run a mile.
• I believe that serving my community
betters myself and the others around
• My aunt died of cancer when I was
young so the Relay For Life
fundraiser was right up my alley.
• I have also had a friend diagnosed
with breast cancer just last year.
• I was on
the FYE
team our
Out to
Laundry Theme
• We had a
work day of
cutting out
poster board
in the shape
of clothing
the tent.
The Big Night
• The Relay took place April 13-14
from 7p.m. Till 7 a.m.
• They served Dinner and
Breakfast for us
• We tied dyed towels
and also had a
skittles booth in
order to raise money.
• Sebastian,
as Pricilla,
the girl
who thinks
are too
loose and
thongs are
too tight.
• Caitlin was looking fine!
• We stayed up until
7 am in the
morning, the night
got quite long.
These pictures
were taken around
• The Night got
cold so
Marcie and I
had to keep
What Community
Service means to me.
• To me community service is helping
the community, by provide little to
none services.
• Usually when I serve the community
I have a great time doing it.
• It makes me feel better to help
people that are less fortunate than
Did I enjoy it?
• You Bet I Did!
• I will do Relay For Life Next year and the
Years to come because helping my
community is in my blood.