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The Truth about
By Donna Lynsdale-Beard
Why are we here today?
• We are the Trading Standards from
Brighton & Hove City Council
• Our message today:
– Shisha smoking is increasing in popularity
particularly amongst young people
– Many people think shisha is safe
– Shisha smoking is linked to ill health and can
be more dangerous than cigarettes
What is Shisha?
Lung Cancer
Oral Herpes
Gum Disease
Heart Disease
Shisha – The Myths and Facts
Smoking shisha is a safe alternative to smoking
Wrong! One session of shisha is equivalent to smoking 100 –
200 cigarettes
The water in the shisha pipe filters out harmful
Wrong! The water filters out only a small amount, e.g. less than
5% of nicotine
Shisha – The Myths and Facts
Shisha smoking is safer than cigarette smoking
because the tobacco is not burned
Wrong! The charcoal still releases high levels of
Carbon monoxide
Shisha tobacco has no tar so is safer to smoke than
other tobacco
Wrong! Tobacco smoked through a shisha pipe
produces more tar
Shisha – The Myths and Facts
Shisha smoking is safer than cigarette smoking
because the Nicotine content is lower
Wrong! The Nicotine content of both cigarettes and
Shisha tobacco varies greatly
The smoothness of the shisha smoke makes it safer
than cigarettes
Wrong! The smoke is less irritating to the throat but
still contains tar, carbon monoxide, and nicotine
Shisha – The Myths and Facts
Shisha smoking is not addictive
Wrong! Shisha smoking has potentially the same
risks of dependence as any other way of smoking
Shisha smoking of non-tobacco is not harmful
Wrong! Herbal maassel does not contain nicotine but
the smoke still contains tar, carbon monoxide and new
toxins from the flavourings
What can smoking shisha do to you?
Smelly breath
Stained teeth
of taste
Gum disease
Mouth and throat cancer
What can smoking shisha do to you?
Sharing mouth pieces puts you at risk
from Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and Oral
What can smoking shisha do to you?
Lung Cancer
83% of deaths from lung cancer, bronchitis
and emphysema are related to smoking
What can smoking shisha do to you?
Veins and arteries blocked by fatty deposits can
increases the risk of these conditions:
and pains
Smokers are more than twice as likely as non-smokers
to die from heart disease
What can smoking shisha do to you?
Stomach Cancer
Stomach Ulcers
Bladder Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Pancreas Cancer
What can smoking shisha do to you?
Women that smoke during pregnancy are at risk of having
a miscarriage and giving birth to a low weight baby.
Tobacco Box Health Warning
This is what you don’t normally see!
Shisha v Cigarettes
If you think smoking shisha pipes is ‘safer’ than
smoking cigarettes then think again…
One session of smoking with a shisha pipe (varying
from 15 to 90 minutes) can result in smoke exposure
equivalent to smoking 100-200 cigarettes.
The amount of carbon monoxide emitted during one
shisha session is equivalent to that of smoking 15-52
• The amount of tar produced in one session of shisha
smoking is equivalent to smoking 27-102 cigarettes
• Smoking shisha is 400-450 times more dangerous
than having a cigarette
• The uptake of nictotine from a portion of shisha
tobacco is equivalent to 2-12 cigarettes
If you smoke at home…so does your family!
• Breathing in second-hand smoke increases the risk of lung
cancer by 24% and heart disease by 25%
• An estimated 12,000 non-smokers die each year in the UK as
a result of second-hand smoke
• 17,000 children under the age of 5 are admitted to hospital
every year in the UK, with illness resulting from second-hand
• Children regularly exposed to tobacco smoke are three times
more likely to contract lung cancer in later life, than children
from non-smoking homes