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Online Portfolio Development
Session #56
Oct. 11, 2004
Jen Alexander
Why Create an Online Portfolio?
• Increase your visibility!
• Show people you are comfortable with
new technology!
• Showcase yourself!
First Thing’s First
In order to establish your online portfolio, you
will first need to secure
web space to host your site.
IU provides all students with a
STEEL account which offers
you free web space for
hosting your personal website.
Setting up a Steel Account
Accounts at IU
IU has a secure server, therefore you
must also install Secure Shell which you
can get from IUWare.
What About Other Web Space?
Finding web space that is affordable outside of
IU isn’t hard to do!
For FREE web space check out these sites:
Want Your Own Domain? is a good place to start
with a small site. They offer FREE
hosting with no pop-ups, and your own
domain for a small fee.
There are lots of other options available
as well. You don’t have to pay a large
amount of money to have a presence
on the web!
Professional Sites Take the Cake!
• Make sure wherever you decide to host your
site, you make it look professional!
• If you don’t know how to design a site, and
create it yourself, find a friend who can do it
for you.
• Many small companies, as well as larger
companies also offer the service of web site
Less VS. More
• Simple can be eye catching…don’t over
do it!
• Depending on what you want to
showcase in your portfolio, you may
want to go with a very simple web site
design or you might need something a
bit more flashy!
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Doing it Yourself?
• Microsoft Front Page is a program that
can be easily used to produce a
polished online portfolio!
• If you are more adventurous, and/or
more versed in web design,
Dreamweaver is another program that
can help you establish yourself on the
How can I copyright my
personal Web pages?
• Anything you create and put into a fixed form
(i.e., recorded, written, saved) is automatically
protected under copyright laws.
• To guarantee the copyright of a published
Web page, however, the least you need to do
is include the following text on each of your
– Copyright © 2003 John Doe All Rights Reserved
Copyright, Cont.
– Replace 2003 with the year or years of
– replace John Doe with your name.
– To make the copyright symbol ( © ) display,
use “ © ” in your HTML file.
What is Your Portfolio’s Goal?
• To present your credentials and
personal information in a manner that is
functional, user friendly, and
aesthetically pleasing.
• Your portfolio is a work in progress!
• Keeping it current is very important!
Getting Your Site Noticed!
• Add your web address to your resume
and business cards!
• Place a link in the signature tag of your
• You never know when or where a
prospective employer might run onto
your site!
Resources are Everywhere!
• Students in introductory web design
classes are often looking for websites
projects for assignments!
– Check out the Computer Science and
Telecommunications Depts. here at IU!
• Search the Internet for ideas for your
• Check out Knowledge Base
Be Creative!
• Do your own thing!
• Create a portfolio that says who you
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