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Transcript Introduction

Information Systems 337
Prof. Harry Plantinga
Website Administration
This Course
 Website administration…
Not graphic design
Not heavy-duty Web programming
HTML, CSS coverage, but not complete
Designing, setting up, and running a web site
Drupal content management system
Some JavaScript, PHP
Legal, social, and ethical issues
 My Web projects:,,
Service Learning
 Semester project: set up a website for a project of interest
to you
 Ideas: service, team, organization, club, nonprofit
 Students will normally work in pairs
 You may have a client
 Meetings: requirements gathering, handoff
 Contact via email, phone
 Two options:
 Drupal; more design, customer interaction, testing
 LAMP; more programming
 Students will put in about 15-30 hours on this project. It
counts for 25% of the final grade.
A Good Recommendation
 Lots of demand for website creators
 This class can be almost as valuable as an
internship. Treat it like one!
Act professionally
Be responsive to phone calls, emails
Meet deadlines
Dress well
Do a good job
Get a good recommendation!
 We'll be using Ubuntu Linux with Apache, Mysql,
and PHP
 The most common platform for web serving
 Good to know a variety of environments
 But it may take some getting used to for some…
Need for Website Construction
 We get many job offers for website designers
 It can be a nice self-employment option too!
 We’ll use Linux for this course
 First lab
Set up your Linux environment
Learn some Linux commands
Install SSH, Firebug
Write a first Web page
Virtual Machines
 Systems lab, SB 337
 Virtual machines
 ssh
 Eventually, Web hosting
Ubuntu Linux
 In Ubuntu Linux how would I…
Log in to my computer remotely?
List the files in my home directory?
Create a new directory?
Edit a file, e.g. create a Web page?
List the contents of a file?
Move, rename, or delete a file?
Make a file world readable?
Execute a command with root permissions?
Find the IP address of my machine?
Get help on a Linux command?
Install a software package?
Determine what processes are running?