March 30th-April 3rd Warm-ups

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Transcript March 30th-April 3rd Warm-ups

March 28th-April 1st Warm-ups
Welcome back-I hope you enjoyed your Spring
Monday, March 28th Warm-up
Help Brad proofread his letter for spelling errors! (Write the
correct spellings only. You don’t need to re-write the whole
Dear Mom and Dad,
Its been a while cents eye spoke to yew. The whether has been
beautiful this weak. Last knight too girls rode passed us in there boats. They
just stayed out on the lake four several ours even though the counselor
called too them from the sure. Won of the girls kept waiving to the pilot of a
plain above her. Than she let her live preserver lose and it was found by the
mail camp counselor. He was all together unhappy with her and gave her
sum advise. The morale of this tail is: Don’t waist thyme and no whose
watching you.
Please right when you can.
You’re sun, Brad
Tuesday, March 29th Warm-up
How could you get a skunk out of a tree? (NOTE:Your answers do
not have to be realistic…But the skunk DOES need to be alive
and unharmed at the end!)
Please come up with at least 10 ways to accomplish this task. Be as
creative as you can!
Wednesday, March 30th Warm-up
See if you can solve these puzzles—the answers must RHYME. The first
one has been done for you.
Big rig large truck
2. _________ President Washington’s deep narrow passages
3. _________ humorous rabbit
4. _________ explorer Lewis’s friend’s drug agents
5. _________ Maid of Orleans’ rib cage
6. _________ basketball star Jordan’s vehicles
7. _________ Gore’s friends
8. _________ a rabbit’s worries
9. _________ Mr. Norris’ money
10. _________ things Shakespeare does for fun
Thursday, March 31st Warm-up
September, April 32nd Cold-down
What European country is mainly a peninsula shaped like a boot?
2. What do we call the large feudal estates of the Middle Ages?
3. Which is the longest poem: an epic, a ballad or a sonnet?
4. What European country awards Nobel prizes each year?
5. What’s the total number of degrees in any triangle?
6. What system distributes oxygen and nutrients to our body cells?
7. If you face south, what direction is on your left?
8. What state is nicknamed “the Aloha State”?
9. In what ancient empire was Latin the official language?
10. Which is correct?
1. A. Let me go.
2. B. Leave me go.