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calm 20
February 6, 2012
startup quiz(complete on a
scrap paper)
1. List the five domains of Health.
2. List the five food groups according to the Canada
Food Guide.
3. List the two substances that vitamins and
minerals can be dissolved in.
Once complete, collect a copy of each of the following;
• Canada Food Guide
• Nutrition Challenge Assignment
nutrition challenge
• The assignment will be due completed on Tuesday,
February 14, 2012.
• This weekend, you were to tally your eating habits. Choose
one day that was most indicative of your eating habits, and
use it to complete Challenge 1. You will be given 5 minutes
to do so.
• Complete Challenges 2 and 3 in today’s class. You will be
given 10 minutes to do so. What you don’t complete you
must complete on your own time.
• Challenge 4 needs to be completed as the week
• Challenge 5 will be completed on February 14.
a bit more about proteins
• 2 types of proteins in foods; incomplete and
• Animal proteins are already complete. However, they
are usually accompanied by excess fats and fatty
acids. This is why many choose vegetarian lifestyles.
• Incomplete proteins come from legumes (beans, soy,
black-eyed peas, whole grains, nuts and seeds.
Combine these well, and you get complete proteins
without the fats.
more nutrition notes
• 3 tips to keep you energized
Easiest way to fight fatigue is to remain hydrated.
Eat balanced meals at regular intervals throughout the
Break the fast with Breakfast. Breakfast eaters …
Have higher metabolisms
Have less food cravings
Have more energy throughout the day
Eat less at night
Have diets higher in Iron and Vitamin C
why people skip breakfast
• “I’m not hungry in the morning”
You are eating too much right before bed.
• “I don’t have time to eat in the morning”
Lame excuse. Wake up 10-15 minutes earlier.
• “I’d rather get an extra 10 minutes sleep”
LAME-O. 10 minutes sleep does not provide more energy, it
takes it away.
• “I don’t like breakfast foods”
Then don’t eat them! Have cold pizza, a sandwich, or pasta!
more about vitamins
• Vitamins help complex chemical reactions occur in the
body. Not having enough of a given vitamin can cause a
• Vitamin A defficiency causes night blindness, impaired
tooth and bone growth, and dry eyes. Vitamin A helps form
body lubricants (tears, mucous).
• Vitamin D defficiency can cause rickets (bowed legs) and
other bone abnormalities. Fish-oils and sunlight are good
• Vitamin E defficiency can cause anemia due to red blood
cell oxidation.
• Vitamin K helps with blood clotting.
more about vitamins
• Vitamin C helps bind cells together, and therefore
improves immunity.
• Vitamin B complex (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin etc.)
all help release energy from carbs, fats and proteins.
about minerals
• Minerals are inorganics that help provide structure to
• Calcium and Phosphorus are in bones and teeth and
provide strength. Legumes, Milk products and poultry are
good sources.
• Sulphur and Potassium exist everywhere as fundamental
parts of amino acids.
• Sodium and Chlorine are all over the place, help form
bonds, and increases pressure of fluids due to viscosity.
Excess can cause high blood pressure.
• Iron in red bood cells bonds to oxygen to transport it. A
defficiency can cause anemia.
• Metabolic Rate discusses the speed at which you “burn”
Activity Levels
calories, or use energy.
Sedentary is 40-50%
• BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate Calculation;
daily activity
Light is 55-65% daily
Moderate is 65-75%
daily activity
Heavy is 75-100%
daily activity.
Your weight in kg ÷ 2.2
Multiply that by 1 if you are male, 0.9 if female
Multiply that by 24 (for hours in a day). This is your BMR
• Your daily calorie requirement can be calculated as follows;
Multiply your BMR by your activity level as on the left.
Add that to your BMR.
This is how many calories you need to take in daily.
losing weight properly
• Low-calorie diets slow your metabolism. Staying on that
diet makes it harder to lose weight and keep it off.
• Better option – increase your activity level moderately,
without changing your diet.
• Once you have achieved your ideal weight, lightly increase
your diet to maintain keep your metabolism up, without
eating too many calories.
• Remember: Fad Diets are only designed to make the
company money. They sell weight loss, but in order for
them to sell it, you must have weight in the first place.