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Cancer Care Association
Sri Lanka
පිළිකා සරණ සංගමය ශ්‍රී ලංකාව.
 Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka (CCASL), is a Voluntary/Non-Governmental
Organization, registered under Voluntary Social Services Organization
(Registration & Supervision) Act 31 of 1980 amended by as Act No 08 of 1998.
 It is registered under the National Secretariat for
Non-Governmental Organizations, Ministry of
Defense and Urban Development, Government
of Sri Lanka (Registration No: L147405)
“Yo gilanan upatteiya so man upatteeiya”
Those who tend to the sick, tend to me
- Shakya Muni Buddha
1. Hospice Project.
2. Breast Prosthesis project.
3. Drug Project.
4. Organize and conduct cancer awareness programs.
5. Spiritual development Project.
6. Publications.
7. Nutrition.
8. Support for problems arising due to poor socioeconomic status.
9. Home Based Palliative Care Service and training on palliative care for
volunteers and development of palliative care in Sri Lanka.
10. Research in Non-Communicable Diseases.
• A member of the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care
Network (APHN)
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Fund Raising
Cancer Care Walk 2014 in aid of Cancer Care Hospice and palliative care for
cancer patients, organized by CCASL in conjunction with Karuna Trust was
successfully held on 31st May 2014 in Nugegoda.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Fund Raising
During this walk a huge effort was made to raise cancer awareness and AntiTobacco awareness among the general public, since it coincided with World AntiTobacco Day.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Fund Raising
Fund Raising at Pettah – 05th Jul 2014
Cancer Care Association held its second fund raising walk for the year in Pettah. This
was focused mainly on whole sale traders who were willing to contribute for such a
meritorious act.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Fund Raising
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Fund Raising
Cancer Care Association Sri Lanka successfully held its annual fundraiser,
the sinhala stage drama "Maname" by Prof. Ediriweera Sarachchandra, at the
Bishops College auditorium on 12th December 2014.
The event was decorated by the participation of many distinguished guests
including the former Prime Minister D.M Jayarathne (then Prime Minister of the
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka) who was the chief guest for the event.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Fund Raising
YEAR 2014 @CCASL -Cancer Care Hospice
(CCH) Project – Anuradhapura & Chettikulam
From 2011, the CCASL has been operating a Hospice in Anuradhapura, with a
capacity of 42 beds, where underprivileged cancer patients can receive high
quality end-of-life care or palliative care, free of charge.
By the end of 2013, the hospice has provided palliative care services to 247
patients with a total of 15000 meals.
We have also forwarded our fullest support for the Hospice at Chettikulam.
Vavuniya, with a capacity of 10 beds, of which the construction is now underway
and will be completed in the near future.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL -Cancer Care Hospice
(CCH) Project – Anuradhapura
[email protected]
– FundProsthesis
 Breast prosthetics are essential for breast cancer patients, who have
undergone full or partial breast removal surgery, in order to continue with their
routine tasks with confidence.
 One such prosthetic costs about Rs.200/=, and we currently donate about 30
to 40 such units per month.
 Since 2009 we have donated 3760 breast prosthesis, worth of Rs.752,000/=.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Drug Project
 We are continuously supporting cancer patients who cannot afford to have
some chemotherapy or other drugs due to their financial status.
 Hence our drug fund is continuously stretched to its limit and is in need of
essential funds to replenish this requirement.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Drug Project
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Drug Project
• We provide Neupogen vials specially for the
pediatric cancer patients, whenever the need
arise, with the financial support from
“Revive to Survive”, Houston, Texas, USA.
• We also facilitate the provision of free
Capacitabine tablets for the required patients
from Maharagama, Anuradhapura, Badulla,
Galle and Jaffna, supported by the WHO,
Debug, Institute of Chartered Accountants and
other donors
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Drug Project
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Drug Project
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Drug Project
Donation of Totally Implantable Venous Access System (TIVAS) / Ports
(Chemotherapy ports), with the financial aid provided by
Calcey Technologies Pvt Ltd.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Organize and
conduct cancer awareness programs
 CCASL proactively organize and conduct Cancer Awareness
Campaigns throughout the island, in order to raise awareness about
the common forms of cancer such as Breast Cancer and Head & Neck
Cancer in Sri Lanka.
Awareness Program at Galenbindunu Wewa …
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Organize and
conduct cancer awareness programs
Awareness Program at Saranankara Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Organize and
conduct cancer awareness programs
Training Program For Nurses at the PGH-Badulla : Dr. Samadhi Rajapaksa
(President-CCASL) conducted a training program for nurses at the Provincial General
Hospital Badulla.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Spiritual
development Project
 The CCASL conducts monthly Buddhist religious activities (Bodhi Pooja,
Dhamma Sermons etc.) at the National Cancer Institute Maharagama for the
spiritual development of the in-house cancer patients.
 The 75th consecutive such activity is scheduled to be held on 21st March 2015 at
the Cancer Hospital Maragama.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Spiritual
development Project
Gilaanopasthana at KIBI-Ela Monestry
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Publications.
• “Sarana” Magazine.
– An annual publication of the CCASL.
– Highlights the methods of treating cancers and
the resultant experiences of patients concerned.
– One of the leading magazines in Sri Lanka about
Cancer published in Sinhala Medium.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Nutrition.
In an attempt to full fill the nutritional needs of the cancer patients, CCASL provides below
mentioned items, for cancer patients at National Cancer Institute Maharagama, Cancer Unit
Karapitiya, Galle and Cancer Care Hospice;
 Preperation and provision of Nutritional supplements.
 e.g. Tea/Soup and porridge
 Provision of Meals- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
 Provision of High Calorie food, Nutritional supplements.
 Provision of special nutrients supplements.
 Provision of essential items and dry rations.
 e.g. Milk powder, Sugar, Tea
 Provision of King Coconut water.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Support for problems
arising due to poor socioeconomic status
In its quest to uplift the lives of the Sri Lankan underprivileged
cancer patients, CCASL frequently provides support for such
families, specially when pediatric cancer patients are involved.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Home Based Palliative
Care Service
 CCASL, in conjunction with its Karapitiya branch conducts a home based palliative
care service, that visit houses of the underprivileged, terminally ill cancer patients,
residing mainly in the southern parts of the island, in a quest to improve their quality
of life during their last days. We expanded this service to the Western and North
Central, with plans to expand into the Northern Province in the future.
 From its inception the Home Based Palliative Care Service has treated 116 such
patients by reaching into the most remote areas of the southern province.
YEAR 2014 @CCASL – Research in NonCommunicable Diseases
• A research on Risk Factor Identification of Non
Communicable Diseases in the Mihintale MOH
area was initiated by CCASL in 2013.
• The data gathering phase of the research was
completed in 2014, in all GN divisions of
• The data analysis phase is now underway, and
the outcomes to be released in 2015.