Prepare for Roundtable GMO rountable

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Transcript Prepare for Roundtable GMO rountable

GMO roundtable roles
1. FDA (food and drug administration)2. EPA(environmental protection agency)
3. Organic Farmers –for GMO4. Organic Farmer- against GMO5. Traditional Farmers – against GMO-
6. Traditional Farmers- for GMO –
7. Monsanto corporation8. Consumer- for –
9. Consumer- against10.Green peace-
In your notebook!
1. Identify your position on GMO.
2. Explain what your job is concerning GMO (grow them, buy
them?, etc.)
3. List as many pros/cons you can for your side. BE
4. Have a statement written, identifying who you are and what
your position is. You have 1 minute to state this and any
facts/information you would like to share.
5. Be prepared for a rebuttal question from me or someone
else in the room.
6. Prepare a question for at least 2 other members of the
roundtable (think of what their position is and how you can
refute it!) Think of the 3 principles of bioethics!
Round table ground rules:
1. Introduce yourself with your 1 minute statement and your
position GMO.
2. One person speaks at a time. You need to LISTEN to
others opinions.
3. Comments are made AFTER someone’s statement.
4. Anyone can ask a question to a participant in the circle,
just raise your hand.
5. You have 1 minute time limits for all comments and
6. Speak only from the perspective of the person you
7. Be prepared for someone to ask you a question about
your position