KnujOn Review of Registrar Obligations, Compliance, and

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Transcript KnujOn Review of Registrar Obligations, Compliance, and

KnujOn Review of Registrar
Obligations, Compliance, and
Permitted Illicit Activity
Executive Summary
• Total of 298 Registrars may be in breach of the RAA for
varying reasons
• 115 Registrars have serious issues with their WHOIS
• 22 Registrars don’t post required policies
• 50 Registrars still have not posted their address
• 200 Registrars may not be valid companies
• 10 Registrar websites have false WHOIS (complaints
filed today)
• 16 De-accredited Registrars are still selling gTLDs
and/or claiming ICANN status
• 8 Registrars have “F” ratings from the BBB
• Some Registrars support massive illicit drug networks
WHOIS Access by Registrar
• KnujOn tested Port 43 WHOIS access of
all Registrars for 71 days
• 4 Registrars have worse records than
• 12 Registrars have less than 90% success
rate, in all 27 had regular outages
• 59 Registrars refused to disclose Port 43
• 2 Contact emails were rejected
Web-Based WHOIS
• 8 Registrars have non-functioning WHOIS
or direct visitor to foreign WHOIS.
• 11 Registrars have “Domain Lookup”
which is NOT WHOIS.
• 8 Registrars do not seem to have web
WHOIS or buried so deeply on the site no
consumer could find it.
Full Data on June 21
• Full extent of our findings will be published
on June 21.
• Garth Bruen and Robert Bruen will be on
hand in Brussels to discuss these