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Overhaul of company profiles
•Fielding (location, M&A, early R&D)
•Reverse chronological order
•Ongoing but complete for >2500 companies
Meeting report timeliness*
• 2004: 19.5 days
• 2005: 15.0 days
• 2006: 14 days (target)
*days to publication for commissioned reports
Action term indexing
•2000: 1800 terms
•2006: >13,000 terms plus similar # of synonyms
•Ongoing project - ~100 new terms per week
Launched drug data
•Strategic drug data (SWOT analyses, sales
commentaries, concensus forecasts)
•DRUGDEX (overview, dosing, toxicity, FDA
•Medstat (Prescription profiling)
• As of 9 June 06, 3709 targets mapped to
existing action terms
•85% Swiss-Prot validated
Generic competition data
•API manufacturing changes (capability, inspections)
•Patent challenges (paragraph IV)
•ANDAs – tentative, approved (and discontinued NDAs)
•Orange book data
Regulatory data
•FDA Advisory Committee reports
•New regulatory texts
•Regulatory alert
•Regulatory webcasts
•Regional regulatory reports
Exporting – BizInt…