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ISAJE promotes excellence in the communication and
dissemination of information on addiction and related
sciences within the scientific community
• 55 members, editors and staff of peer-reviewed
• Inaugural meeting, Connecticut, July 1997
• Annual meeting, Dresden, September 2007
ISAJE has developed guidelines on the ethics of
scientific publishing in the addiction field
• Farmington Consensus (1997) – a set of ethical
principles for addiction journals, adopted by 28
journals to date
• Ongoing detailed guidance on ethical practice
and procedures for editors and authors
ISAJE helps non-English language journals to get their
titles included in the large international bibliographic
• Overview of the selection criteria operated by the major
abstracting and indexing databases
• Advice on minimal requirements for English language
information to be shown in addiction specialty journals
• Suggestions for effective application strategies for (a)
journals from developing countries and (b) non-English
language journals
ISAJE supports education and training for authors,
editors and referees
• Writers’ workshops
• Online tutorial for authors
• Publishing Addiction Science: A Guide for
the Perplexed
Free downloads at and
Publishing Addiction Research Internationally, a website
established by ISAJE
Resources for authors, editors and expert reviewers
• Supported by NIDA, US National Institute on Drug Abuse
• Reviewer database – a resource for editors
• Database of 75 peer-reviewed addiction journals - mission
statements, submission information, web addresses
ISAJE / WHO Young Scholars’ Award 2007
Recognition for young scientists from developing countries
Submit your paper for the Award to win financial support to attend an
international scientific meeting
You must be:
Under 35 years old
Lead author of a paper published during 2006 on an addiction-related topic
Holder of an academic or research position in a low or middle income
Closing date 30 June 2007