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Transcript Family Drug Court - Children's Network of South Florida

Specialized program within Dependency court
designed to treat parents when substance
abuse is a core issue.
Increased accountability on the part of the
Increased court supervision
Increased support for the families involved
Sanctions for non-compliance
Focus on the parent
“Re-parenting” the parent
Frequency of urine screens
 For the first 3-5 months in Drug Court a
participant will be tested at least 2x per week,
sometimes as often as 5x per week.
12-step meetings
 Participants must complete 90 meetings in 90
days and turn in slips weekly
 Participants must get a sponsor and utilize the
12-step program
More people to answer to:
 Judge weekly, child welfare case manager,
SWFAS case manager, lab tech, court
administration, bailiff, etc.
Cases where substance abuse is the core
Cases where the parent admits a problem
with substances and is asking for help
Cases where the parent has co-occurring
Cases where the children have been placed in
foster care
New time limits are not in line with recovery
from substance abuse.
Some families have greater needs and benefit
from additional support
Supervision of the case after closure
Will I get my children back faster in Family
Drug Court?
◦ There is no easy way, or quick answer
◦ Chances are that it will take longer, BUT after
reunification it is LESS LIKELY that children will be
◦ Population has greater needs and less support
◦ Family Drug Court requires a higher level of
Family Drug Court is not a substitute for
Rejecting the offer of Family Drug Court does
not mean that a parent is exempt from
attending a substance abuse screening/
Detox does not satisfy the “SWFAS evaluation”
component of a case plan
Send a Drug Court Referral via fax to SWFAS
Attn: Sheree Beau Wells 239 332-0287
Contact Debbie Basford at (239) 9319744(office), or email at
[email protected]
Notify the DCF attorney
Notify the GAL attorney (if one is assigned)