Journal 12/12

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Journal 12/12
• What are 3 negative health effects of
• How could using marijuana affect other
dimensions of wellness (other than physical)?
• Marijuana Effects Video
4 Methods that Drugs Enter the
Ingestion- the drug is taken orally and is
processed by the digestive system
Injection- the drug is injected directly into
the blood stream using a needle
Absorption- the drug is absorbed through
the skin
Inhalation- the drug is inhaled through the
respiratory system
Negative Effects of Weight Loss Pills
Possible Short Term Effects
Possible Long Term Effects
Increased Heart Rate
Increased Blood Pressure
Pronounced Mood Swings
Upset Stomach
Heart Attack
Heart Disease
Vitamin Deficiency
Performance Enhancing Drugs
• Anabolic Steroids- drugs that mimic the
effects of testosterone in the body
• Androstenedione- drugs that are used to
produce both testosterone and estrogen
• Human growth hormone- a hormone that
stimulates growth and cell reproduction
Negative Health Effects of
Performance-Enhancing Drugs
Short Term
• Anabolic steroids cause
possible mood changes,
energy, fluid retention, high
blood pressure, glaucoma
• Both andro and steroids can
cause oily skin and acne
• HGH can also cause high
blood pressure and lower
immune system functioning
Long Term
• All can lead to diabetes and
kidney issues
• Steroids and andro can lead to
change in voice, sexual
characteristics (males taking
on female characteristics and
vice versa) and permanent
emotional changes
• Steroids can lead to increased
risk for cancer and heart
disease, increased body fat,
constant acne issues
• HGH can cause joint issues and
heart disease as well
Worksheet on 6 Dimensions
• Now that we’ve discussed the negative
HEALTH consequences (that fall under the
PHYSICAL dimension of wellness), we’re going
to focus on the other dimensions of wellness
and how they could be negatively effected by
• Worksheet is worth 8 points and due on Friday