The Truth about Drugs - AK Health and physical education

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The Truth About Drugs
• I will investigate the use of and consequences of illegal drugs.
• 9.ATOD1.1 I will explain the short-term and long term effects of performance enhancing
drugs on health and eligibility to participate in sports
• 9.ATOD 1.2 I will analyze the role of family, community, and cultural norms in deciding to use
alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
• 9.ATOD 1.3 I will contrast prescription medicines, nonprescription medicines, and illegal
substances in terms of their use and abuse
• 9.ATOD 1.4 I will summarize the risks of IV drug use, including blood borne diseases
• 9.ATOD1.5 I will predict the effects of substance abuse on other people as well as society as
a whole.
• I will create an anti-drug campaign, which demonstrates knowledge of the use and effects of
illegal drugs.
Day 1: Create Drug Project
Go to lab
• Watch video related to drug (Real People Real Stories)
• Research using drug packets
• Create Photopeach or Choice Board product
Read: Life Is Hard Enough and Jordan’s Story
Why are some teens using drugs? Why do many teens choose to abstain
from drug use?
What are the consequences to drug use?
Compare the drug culture of the past to today and predict the impact on future
Video Clip: Jordan’s Story
Values Voting
Please stand up if you Agree with the statement being read.
Teens are less likely to smoke if their parent(s) think it is wrong.
Teens are likely to smoke even if their parent(s) have clear rules
against smoking.
Teens are more likely to drink if a family member has a drinking
If teens feel like their parents may catch them, they are less likely to
If students feel supported by their parents, they are just as likely to
use Marijuana as a student who is not supported by their parents.
Students who have siblings who smoke are more likely to use
Are you at a high risk for
substance abuse?
Instructions: As we review the information on the effect
of family, community, and pop culture, fill in the circle if
the statement applies to you.
How my family can affect my
decision to use/abuse a drug
A family’s role in determining substance abuse
1. If a parent uses, the child is much more likely to use
•Becomes accepted within the family
2. Children who have “absent parents” are more likely to
use due to lack of supervision
3. Parents can pass an “addiction gene” to their child which
makes their child more likely to become addicted if they try a
Does your community encourage/enable
substance abuse?
A community’s role in determining substance use
•Depending on your neighborhood, access to substances
may be easy
•Substance abuse becomes a norm in many communities
•Many communities have local organizations to help those
struggling with substance abuse
How does pop culture encourage substance use?
What messages are sent to the youth?
Show approx first 2 minutes
How pop culture determines substance use
•1 out of 3 songs mentions drugs, alcohol, or tobacco use
•Media depicts drunkenness as laughable and does not
show the negative outcomes
•Tobacco companies pay media companies to have
characters/celebrities smoke their cigarettes
•Overall, substance abuse is glamorized
Class Discussion
Based on your personal analysis, are you at a high
risk for substance abuse?
If you are at high risk, what can you do to reduce
your chances of abusing?
How does a person’s decision to use drugs affect
his/her family, community, and employment?
Use this website as a resource in the future
Additional resource: NIDA for Teens
Use this website as an additional resource
Show PSA on specific drug
Present student created PhotoPeach or product
Review information about drug in notes
Students: ask questions
•Change the way a person perceives the world
•Hallucinogens affect all the senses, altering a person’s
thinking, sense of time, and emotions
•Cause a person to hallucinate—seeing or hearing things
that do not exist or are distorted
• Marijuana displays qualities of a
stimulant, depressant, and hallucinogen
Marijuana: Effects on the body
Short Term Effects
•Loss of coordination
•Distortion of vision and hearing
•Redness of the eyes
•Increased appetite
•Increased heart rate
•Impaired school performance
•Lessened ability to solve problems
Long Term Effects
•Psychotic symptoms
•Lung damage
•Heart damage
•Weakened immune system
•A class of drugs that elevates mood, increases feelings
of well-being, and increases energy and alertness
Crystal Meth
Cocaine/Crack Cocaine
Cocaine: Effects on the body
Short term Effects
•Increased heart rate
•Muscle spasms
•Inability to sleep
Long term effects
•Severe depression
•Suicide due to severe additions
Crack Cocaine
Crack Cocaine
Ecstasy and Molly
Crystal Meth
Hi, I’m Crystal Meth
Crystal Meth
Main ingredients:
Drano, brake fluid, rubbing
alcohol, lighter fluid, battery
acid, Sudafed, Ammonia,
Paint thinner
•Inhalants are substances that produce chemical vapors
•Inhaled to induce a psychoactive, or mind-altering effect
similar to alcohol use
•Reduce pain and create a state of well-being
•Derived naturally from the seedpods of the opium poppy
•Change the chemistry of the brain: they decrease the
perception of pain
The harmful effects of IV drug use:
Risk of HIV transmission and other blood borne
diseases (Hep B & Hep C)
•Synthetic substances made similar to the male hormone,
•Can be swallowed as a pill or injected as a liquid
•Small doses can be prescribed for medical reasons
•Most commonly used by male athletes
Steroid Sob Stories
Steroids: Effects on the body
Short Term Effects
•High blood pressure
•Swelling of the soft tissue
•Excessive hair growth
•Oily skin/ acne
Long Term Effects
•Stunted growth
•Abnormal sexual development
•Increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and liver disease
OTC & Prescription Medicine
•Today is the highest percentage ever recorded of teens
abusing over the counter drugs
•Common prescription medicines abused include
OxyContin, Ritalin, and Vicodin
•OTC drugs can be harmful, even deadly, when used in
•OTC and prescription drugs are addictive
•Every day, 6,600 Americans abuse prescription drugs for
the first time…1/3 of these Americans are teenagers
Prescription Drug Use & Painkillers
Prescription drugs & Painkillers
Prescription/ Over the Counter Drugs
Effects on body
•Short Term Effects
•Separation from family and friends
•Bleeding in the stomach
•Long Term Effects
•Liver damage
•Brain damage
•Death by overdose
Innocent Victims
Characteristics of drug affected babies:
Drug withdrawal
Speech and language delay
Poor social and play skills
Low IQ
Video: Drug affected babies
Complete Self-assessment on drug product
If time, Quick Write
Your friend is beginning to experiment with drugs. He told you
that drugs are “not that big of a deal” and make him relax and
forget his worries.
Write a letter to him including the following information:
•Name of drug that your friend is using
•3 or more short term effects and 3 or more long term effects
•How the drug can impact aspects of his life
•Other ways he can relax and forget about his worries
Note: Choose drug different than the one you did for your product
Topic sentence
Transition words (First, In addition, Lastly)
Facts and Details
Concluding Sentence
Use: argumentative and informative writing rubric