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Grading and Pay Scales
Jane Littlehales
No standard grades or pay scales for
No standard job description or duties
No central control or administrator to
set them
Data Mining – Existing Data
ITSS on many scales
Cannot pick out ITSS from, say, all on
academic related scales
Staff categories on University payroll do
not show part time ITSS
Data Mining – Gather Data
ITSSG conducted an information gathering
Collected job adverts from jobs.ac.uk for 6
Analysed into job categories
Oxford vs. other universities
Universities vs. commercial
Difficult to compare widely differing job
titles, duties etc.
Some groups easier than others
Unix administrators, trainers
Oxford pay ranges are same as those
offered in other universities
Pay ranges at all universities lower than
Example – Unix Admin
University salaries
Minimum £16.5k to £18.5k
Maximum £30k
Minimum of £35k
Other Findings
Oxford adverts on jobs.ac.uk
Poorly formatted
Used old, non belted crest
No line breaks!
Identical jobs in Oxford Colleges at
different salaries
Staff Committee
Decides pay scales for jobs
Alex Reid was a member
Currently no IT representation
IT staff are a small proportion of total
Next Steps
Liaise with Paul Jeffreys
Try to find out who is responsible for
job adverts
Information gathering
Information gathering
Who to approach
Working through which committees
More information needed from people
Trying to recruit
Moving within the University
Coming in from outside
Via anonymous web form