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Chemotherapy Flow Sheet
Eric Maurer
Ron Giles
Phil Bolenbaugh
What is OHA?
Cancer treatment
Three locations in
Treat many cancer
patients with
chemotherapy each
Chemotherapy Dosing
– Dose and cycle information is stored on a 5 X 7 note
– Nurses mix drugs for each patient using the index card
– A paper flow sheet is used to determine if a patient can
receive the drug, and to record all dosing information
– Flow sheet is stored in the patient’s chart
Current Problems
Inefficient and very time consuming
Too great a chance for human error
No way to easily search through or cross
index data on the chemotherapy dosing
Project Goals
Give the nurses more time with the patients
Flow sheet must be as easy to use as the paper
Eliminate the need to enter the same data more
than once across the computer system
Automatically record as much data as possible
Store the information in a database that can
quickly access patient information and allow for
dose information to be easily compared
High Level Design
– Microsoft Windows XP Pro
– Visual Studio .NET 2003
– Microsoft Server 2003
SQL Server
Other Requirements
– Run on Windows XP
– Integrate with the current Medical Manager Intergy
system, through scripting
– Share a common database with the Index Card
– OHA currently has licensees for all the
software that will be needed for the project
– SQL server is being used currently
– Will require one new computer for the nurses
Dell Optiplex desktop with 17’’ LCD monitor
– Approximate cost to OHA $1500
Preliminary Schedule
Current until spring semester:
– Observe nurses using the flow sheets
– Type all data on the flow sheet, and find possible
ranges of data
– Obtain and learn the programming interface for
the chemotherapy infusion pumps
January 12 – January 26
– Design and implement database for use by both
the Index Card and Flow Sheet programs
January 26 – February 2
– Design main program
– Design user interface
Preliminary Schedule
February 2 – March 5
– Implement project
User interface
Chemotherapy infusion machine interface
Intergy database interface
Data validation
March 6 – March 15
– Spring Break
Beta release party in Miami
March 15 – March 29
– Test and debug software
March 29 – Semester End
– Train OHA nurses and other users