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The Skills Consortium
work programme
1. Research and evidence
Ian Wardle – work group co-ordinator
Work group members
Consortium executive
Owen Bowden-Jones – RCPsych
Colin Bradbury (for Paul Hayes) – NTA
Jason Gough – SU rep / Patient Opinion
Linda Harris – RCGP
Diana Powell – Barnsley
Marcus Roberts (for Martin Barnes) – DrugScope
Louise Sell – GMW
Kim Wolfe (for Andy Ashenhurst) – AHEAD
Mike Ashton – Drug and Alcohol Findings
David Marteau – DH Offender Health
Mike McCarron – Scotland
Nicola Singleton - UKDPC
Research and evidence brief
 We will develop a sector-led consensus and approach to
developing the evidence base and the body of research
to support effective treatment systems, focusing on
emerging thinking about recovery-oriented treatment
systems, practice and communities. We will work with
relevant research bodies, government departments and
clinical institutes to inform their priorities and approach.
A matrix for considering available evidence and gaps
Organisational level
A: Intervention
Working with drug users
– establishing which
therapeutic techniques,
interpersonal; styles or
worker attributes work
best with whom in what
Intervention depth
B: Worker level
How to develop A. For
example, staff selection,
training, supervision,
support , requirements
to develop and improve
practice based on
research and user
C: Organisational
How to develop A and
B. For example, how to
create and maintain
‘learning organisations’
which seek and
incorporate knowledge
and which foster staff
development in
D: System level
How to foster A B and C
through commissioning
decisions in a local area,
the establishment of
inter-agency practice
sharing and
development networks,
requirements to
demonstrate evidencebased practice, etc.
Guidance on how to find
the existing evidence
Directly providing access
to the existing evidence
Finding, scoping,
reviewing and making
recommendations based
on the existing evidence
Extending the evidence
base; new research to
plus gaps in knowledge