cystic fibrosis

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Transcript cystic fibrosis

The role of Physiotherapy and
education in Bronchiectasis.
Sarah Butler
Bronchiectasis Out Reach Physiotherapist
Chronic Life threatening lung condition
Damage to bronchi
Dilatation of airways
Pooling of mucus
Non drug related therapy
Education - video, leaflets for families & schools
Chest Physiotherapy
Exercise - school, home & club
Chest Physiotherapy
• Babies ; tip V no tip
Percussion & vibrations
• Toddlers ;Postural drainage
percussion & vibrations
Active cycle of breathing
Bubble PEP
• Young people ; PEP
Active cycle of breathing
Oscillating PEP devices
I have a lung condition called
[Brong –key –eck – ta – sis]
I am under the Paediatric Respiratory Team, Starship Children’s Hospital
3074921, Private bag 92024
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