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Anabolic Steroids
By: Chris Leuzinger & Jeff Wiebe-Connolly
Anabolic-Androgenic Hormones: What
Are They?
Ergogenic Substances: are performance enhancing
drugs and dietary supplements
 Drug: a substance that changes the body’s structure
or function
 Steroid: is a drug, and it is commonly used/abused as
an artificial source of testosterone
There are two different ways that steroids are
- Injection
- Orally Ingested
* As a general rule, injectable steroids are more potent
than orally administered steroids because of their
route of delivery. *
Anabolic steroids function in a manner similar to
testosterone, the chief male hormone
Testosterone interacts directly with muscle tissue.
Once inside the cell, it activates the androgen
receptors which stimulates the nucleus and the protein
synthesis process.
Increasing satellite cell sensitivity to IGF-1 and FGF,
promoting proliferation and differentiation
Injectable Steroids
Chemical names
Common names
Testosterone Esters
 Nandrolone Esters
 Stanozolol
 Methenolone Enanthate
 Boldenone Undecylenate
 Trenbolone Acetate
Delatestryl, Sustanon
 Deca-Durabolin
 Strombaject
 Primobolan-Depot
 Parenabol
 Parabolan
Orally Active Steroids
Chemical names
Common names
 Oxandrolone
 Stanozolol
 Oxymetholone
 Fluoxymesterone
 Methyltestosterone
 Mesterolone
 Anavar
 Winstrol
 Anadrol
 Halotestin
 Oreton-M
 Proviron
Side Effects
Positive Effects:
- Hypertrophy
- Physical performance
- RBC production in
patients with anemia
- Body fat %age
- Strength
- Rehabilitation time
Negative Effects
- Depression
- Violent behavior
aka. Roid rage
- Bad breath
- Cancer causing
- Heart attack & Stroke
- Abdominal pain
- Possible infertility
Males vs. Females
- Testicular atrophy
- Severe acne
- Voice-deepening
- Gynecomastia (male
breast development)
aka. ‘bitch tits’
- Baldness
- Menstrual dysfunction
- Severe acne
- Enlarged clitoris
- Breast size
- Hirsutism (excessive
hair growth in unusual
- Baldness
- Deepening of voice
Many effects of steroids are irreversible
Example of Gynecomastia
Signs of Anabolic Steroid
Unusual enlargement of
muscle groups
- Esp. Traps and Delts
Substantial strength gains
Substantial hypertrophy
Psychological changes
- I.e. Muscle dysmorphia
A positive drug test is the only way to know for sure!