2011-10-04 Public Hearing Simulated Gambling Ordinance

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Transcript 2011-10-04 Public Hearing Simulated Gambling Ordinance

State Attorney’s office
Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation
Narcotics - Vice - Organized Crime
State Attorney Ninth Judicial Circuit
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Orlando Police Department
Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco
Winter Park Police Department
Drug Enforcement Administration
Apopka Police Department
United States Customs Service
Ocoee Police Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Osceola County Sheriff’s Office
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Gambling – Slot Machines
F.S. 849.08 – F.S. 849.16
Simulated Gambling
 May
be actual gambling – depending
on facts
Has been prosecuted criminally
 Skill-stop
 Sweepstakes machines
 Raffle Machines
Skill-stop - slot machines
Skill-stop - slot machines
F.S. 849.161 – skill arcades
3 “skill” buttons to, supposedly, stop the reels.
Pull-tab machines
Pull-tab machines
Pull tab machine - ATM - Video slot machine
Pull-tab machines
“Sweepstakes Stores”
“Internet Cafes” “Strip Mall Casinos”
F.S. 849.094
“Sweepstakes Stores”
“Internet Cafes”
“Strip Mall Casinos”
“Sweepstakes Stores”
“Internet Cafes”
“Strip Mall Casinos”
Strip mall spaces – full of
Sweepstakes Stores
“Internet Cafes”
Digital Slot machine simulation
Simulated gambling
Using desktop Computer displays
Simulated Gambling
“Internet Cafes”
Electronic Raffles
by Non-profit organizations
F.S. 849.0935
SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. April 21 2011-- A security guard shot and
killed a robbery suspect early Tuesday morning at a Seminole County
Internet cafe, according to deputies.
The fatal shooting occurred about 1 a.m. at the Allied Veterans Internet
Center on State Road 436 at Hunt Club Boulevard near Apopka.
According to Seminole County sheriff's deputies, three men pulled up to
the business and two of them confronted the security guard in an
apparent attempt to disarm him and rob the facility. A scuffle ensued, and
at least one of the men shot at the guard, who returned fire, striking one
of them in the back, deputies said.