MTP Kit-Certified Method for Concluding Pregnancy

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Transcript MTP Kit-Certified Method for Concluding Pregnancy

Millions of women are carried out number of abortions either using
medical method or surgical method. But nowadays, most of the
females are using medical abortion due to its high quality results
and perfectness. Abortion pills contain two different types of generic
drugs such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Both the generics
belong to a different category of drugs and give combined results.
Generic Mifepristone is a anti-progesterone hormone tablets, which
obstructs the supply of this hormone and totally stops its action in
mother's womb. Due to the stoppage of this hormone fetus cannot
survive and ultimately will die. Another tablet of abortion pills is
Misoprostol, which is an artificial analogue of prostaglandin. This
tablet helps to eradicate the extra material of dead fetus such as
blood clots, dead tissues and other waste materials. So we can say
that abortion pills are very simple and easy way to execute a safe
and secure abortion.
Mifepristone is an oral preparation and the
route of administration of this drug is mouth.
The dose of this drug should be
administrated three tablets as a single dose
along with a sufficient amount of water. After
that wait for two to three days and then go to
a nearby clinic for the confirmation of
complete abortion.
Misoprostol is also a tablet and the route of
administration of this drug is either oral or vaginal. If
you prefer vaginal route, then take them along with
distilled water. The dose of Misoprostol should be taken
four tablets as a single dose for three times after a gap
of 5 to 6 hours along with a full glass of water. After
taking all tablets, you should go to a nearby hospital for
the confirmation of complete abortion.
Headache, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness,
vaginal bleeding, and stomachache, gastric
irritation, and nausea, pain in pelvic region,
pain in body and allergic reaction in rare
Avoid the use of this drug if you have allergy towards
generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol otherwise you may
feel some annoying reactions such as skin rashes and
Do not use these tablets if you are already pregnant more
than 9 weeks.
Females who use IUDs should remove them first and then
use these tablets.
Do not swim after abortion as you may feel pain in pelvic,
which may create while problems while swimming.
Do not drive vehicles after taking these tablets because
these tablets have tendency to produce sleepiness.
Avoid the use of this drug during breast-feeding
condition, as it may harm your baby.
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