Transcript Nigeria

Originally a colony of the UK
 Became independent in the mid 1960’s
 Quickly brought into a several small
military coup’s
 Joined OPEC in the early 1970’s bringing
in huge revenue
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•Located in western Africa
•Borders Chad, Benin, and
•Lies on the Gulf of Guinea
•Roughly twice the size of
California (CA)
•36 States
•1 Territory
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68% of total population literate.
 Population of 128,771,988
 Gross domestic profit of $125.7 Billion
 Exports include Petroleum, cocoa, and
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Composed of 250 ethnic groups
including the hausa, yoruba, and ibgo.
 50% Muslim 40% Christian 10% indigenous
 Languages spoken include English, Igbo,
and Fulani.
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Nigeria is a Federal republic, modeled after the U.S. (Federal Republic of
Nigeria). But they are among the most corrupt nations in the world.
Elected president in four year terms much like the united states
presidential system, with possibility of reelection.
Based on English common law
Current leader is President Goodluck Jonathan. Vice President
Mohammed Namadi Sambo.
Bicameral legislature-House and Senate.
House members are elected by a popular vote and serve four year
terms.(360 seats).
Senate members are also elected by popular vote and serve four year
terms.(109 seats and 3 represent each state.
The House and Senate make up the National Assembly and they
provide “checks” on the executive branch.
The highest court is the Supreme Court of Nigeria. The judges
recommended by the National Judicial Council and appointed by the
Drake Dugger
Political Parties:
Accord Party; Action Congress of Nigeria; All Nigeria Peoples Party
or ANPP; All Progressives Grand Alliance or APGA; Alliance for
Democracy or AD; Conference of Nigerian Political Parities or CNPP;
Congress for Progressive Change or CPC; Democratic Peoples Party
or DPP; Fresh Democratic Party; Labor Party; National Democratic
Party or NDP; Peoples Democratic Party or PDP; Peoples Progressive
Political Pressure Groups:
Academic Staff Union for Universities; Campaign for Democracy;
Civil Liberties Organization; Committee for the Defense of Human
Rights; Constitutional Right Project; Human Right Africa; National
Association of Democratic Lawyers; National Association of Nigerian
Students; Nigerian Bar Association; Nigerian Labor Congress;
Nigerian Medical Association; the press; Universal Defenders of
Drake Dugger
Drake Dugger
Any citizens in Nigeria aged 18 or older are eligible to vote.
Because their government is based on common law they all
have an equal say in politics. But because there government
is so corrupt, this isn’t always true.
It’s been said that police bribery, extortion, and wholesale
embezzlement threatens the basic rights of all Nigerians.
Drake Dugger
Nigeria’s Human rights are poor and are abused by
politicians on all levels of government
In 12 of the states of Nigeria Muslims are severely
punished for alcohol consumption, infidelity and
theft their punishments including amputation,
lashing, stoning and long prison term
The security forces in Nigeria are corrupt and they
abuse, detain, and kill Nigerian citizens
France has partnered with Nigeria on security and
will help with any security threatening situations
There are terrorist groups who have been attacking
through out Nigeria and especially the UN building
in Nigeria
The National Police force is the main way that
Nigeria uses to keep order throughout the nation
Military branches: Army, Navy, and Air Force
Must be 18 to join
There are 27million males between 18 and 49
available for the military only 16 million are actually
fit for military service
$544.6million is spent on the military
The military goes to countries around Nigeria and
helps to keep the peace in those countries so
Nigeria helps in the world peace keeping
The National police handles the conflicts
between the different states that include
rioting and other protests
 The states themselves have the
governors gather and meet about issues
that are going on
Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of petroleum in the
world and the 8th largest exporter, and has the 10th
largest proven reserves. Petroleum plays a large role in
the Nigerian economy, accounting for 40% of GDP
and 80% of Government earnings.
 Nigeria has one of the fastest growing
telecommunications markets, its their largest and most
profitable business in the country.
 A manufacturing industry which includes leather,
textiles, car manufacturing, t-shirts, plastics and
processed food
Many of the services provided are or close
to the exact same as the United States of
 Most services are provided to all citizens of