A case study of a Pakistani agency for attracting students

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Transcript A case study of a Pakistani agency for attracting students

Representative Of
Sajid Enterprises has been in the market since 2008 and we are
further expanding to cater the needs of students world wide with
highly qualified and skilled staff with Head office in Karachi,
Pakistan. We also have sub-agents in different cities of Pakistan.
Our Vision:
“To be the leading international education service provider
in Asia geared towards molding new generations of leaders
to meet the challenges of the century.”
Our Mission:
“We are dedicated to directing and developing individuals into valued
contributors to society. We will maximize their potential to enable
them to serve in an international work environment. Our approach is
to tailor career paths to suit individual profiles within the parameters
that may prevail in each case. Our primary purpose is to provide global
services for education and career development to international
students, institutions, governments, funding agencies and
Pakistan Scenario:
Pakistan basically is now a victim of brain drain, the
potential in this market as far as the academics are
concerned is at its peak. The students like Ali Moin
Nawazish, Malala Yusuf Zai and many others are the
examples who set the benchmarks worldwide to promote
the thirst and excellence of seeking knowledge in this
region but the main reason that students are reluctant to
study in their own country is the lack of resources and the
recognition by the state to promote their talent.
What the student Need?
Students are not always need quality education but for
the raise of their living standards they need the quality
pathways which leads them to the professional careers
for this the students always in search of that
opportunities through news papers, search engines
and especially the professional consultants who are
well versed and experienced in their own practices.
Why S. Korea?
After comparison of the different universities of the world especially Canada,
Australia, and UK we will end up with the conclusions that:
• Korea is enlisted in the Asian Tiger list
• It has a revolutionary evolving economy
• The living standards are very high
• The GDP is great as compare to the other countries
• The universities ranking are among the top universities
• The quality of education is excellent as far as the research and development
fields are concerned
• No racism
• Freedom of practicing the religion
• The economy is not an artificial market but totally based on industrialization
• Very economical fees structures
• People are very friendly
• Korean language is easy to understand in a bit of time with less effort
We can develop the students mind by focusing these areas and try our best to
drive him smoothly.
Korea is not very popular for recruit international students as compare
to the other countries.
Australia, Canada, Uk and Malaysia spend annually a marketing budget
to advertise and market their institutions with the help of local
partners. The channels of marketing involve newspaper, social media,
events, workshops, activities, email marketing, short messaging
services, ATL activities; these are normally the popular channels in
Pakistan also.
We as a professional are responsible for manage events and
counseling session with the help of the universities officials if
available in person because it creates a deep impact if the official is
present at the moment.
•First met with the university
officials at the K Conference in
•Face book
Campaign, under the
supervision of
University official for
recruit the students
•NB: Times Consultant (Pvt.) Ltd
is our Business Associate
Advertisements for
On-Spot Events to
recruit the students
•Newspaper cuttings
for promoting the
courses and
universities across
•A brief glance of the
events organized in
multiple cities of
Pakistan to drive
On-spot students for
Sept-2013 Intake
Agreement Signing Ceremony
Mr. Hyukpyo kwon with Mr.
Muhammad Sajid At Sajid Enterprises
Office in Karachi Pakistan.
Mr. Hyukpyo kwon with Mr.
Muhammad Yousuf Former Captain of
Pakistan Cricket Team.
Mr. Hyukpyo kwon With Mr.
Muhammad Sajid At Royal Palm
Golf and Country Club Lahore Pakistan.
Mr. Hyukpyo With Mr. Muhammad
Sajid Conducting an Interview.
Mr. Hyukpyo Kwon at Pc Hotel
Rawalpindi Pakistan with Mr.
Muhammad Sajid and Mr. Zubair Rana.
We always belief in Long-term relations with
the universities with an aim to rotate the
students from Europe to Asia.
We are always look forward to work with the
potential business partners