Teaching Techniques Presentation

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Transcript Teaching Techniques Presentation

Joshua Harris, Ph. D., CRE, CAIA
Director, Dr. P. Phillips Institute for Research
and Education in Real Estate
Ebola Zika is going to get us!
China’s growth falls to 7%!
Oil down to $30 $45 $50!
Rise of the populists, minimum wage!
Deathmatch ’16 – Trump vs. Hillary OR Bern?
To educate you must:
◦ Communicate Information
◦ Entertain
◦ Inspire
The goal is to make the student turn into a
Ineffective teaching looks like…
Telling (reading book..) with out inspiring
Non Enganging
1. The Ice Breaker
◦ Why are you interesting/relevant/qualified
◦ Being personally interesting matters
2. Organize Your Speech
◦ Topics and stories need to flow together
◦ A clear intro, body, and conclusion are needed
3. Get to the Point
◦ Why does each topic/story matter?
◦ What is key to remember, get from this?
4. How to Say it
◦ Clear easy to understand words, make interesting
◦ Critical to explaining complicated legal/tech jargon
5. Your Body Speaks
◦ Body language is amazing effective, pay attention
◦ Move around, be animated, prevent window gazing
6. Vocal Variety
◦ Vary your tone, pitch and inflections
◦ Use pauses and breaks to make points
7. Research your topic
◦ Not just facts/laws/details, need contexts
◦ Use stories to explain difficult topics (i.e. deed
8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
◦ Practice with ahead of time
◦ Make sure readable, organized, and make the point
9. Persuade with Power
◦ Know your goal and topic, but understand theirs
◦ Let book supply info, you supply the WHY (ethics!!)
10. Inspire Your Audience
◦ Make each lesson a call to action with purpose
◦ Use drama and evoke emotions
◦ Do not be afraid to invoke hyperbole and power
Finally, if that interested you, JOIN
TOASTMASTERS and do for real!
When you complete these 10 speeches, you
are deemed “Competent”… many more to
“master” the craft
Experiment with techniques and methods
Refresh your material often (keeps you from
being bored)
Break up the time (the mind needs breaks,
and so do you)
Audience participation is great when done
Every time you teach, you are a speaker
Understanding is the goal, not memorization
Some topics are “drier” than others, but your
lesson does not need to be
Make sure you are conveying right methods
and issues, ethics is in everything
The real estate industry touches over 20% of
Florida GDP, you are the gatekeepers!