The country of Austria

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The country of
By: Jason Wong Mod 1
Austria’s country flag
Map of Austria
Physical characteristic 1.animal in
different parts of Austria
• Ibex (mountain goats),chamois
(antelopes),and marmots live in the high
• Deer, foxes, hares, and badgers can be seen
throughout the country
• Bears and other animals can be found in
southern Austria
Physical characteristic 2.multiple
species of plants
• There is an alpine meadow that is 6,652 feet
• Edelweiss, heather, alpine rose, poppies, and
blue gentian are commonly found in the
• 47% of Austria in forest area
Physical characteristics 3. variety of
geographical features
• The Alps partly in Austria. The alps is 83,000
square miles.
• There is a Danube river is Austria’s main river.
This river is crucial to their everyday lives.
• 75% of Austria is mountainous.
Physical characteristic 4. weather and
• Austria is basically has three main climates
1. Northern Atlantic Martine (cool summers,
warm winters)
2. Mediterranean (cool winters, warm
3. Continental (cold winters and hot summers)
Physical characteristics continued
• In Vienna average temperatures 50°F.
• In Vienna average precipitation 24 inches.
*I chose Vienna's statistics because it is the
capital of Austria
Human characteristics 1.the main
language is German
• 92% of the Austrians speak German.
• Austrian German is spoken with a different
• Over 100 million people speak German.
*this is an example of a social characteristic
Human characteristics 2. the main
religion Roman Catholic (Christianity)
• 74% of Austrians practice this religion
• Though the population of people is slowly
decreasing to protestants
• 70% marry, 90% baptized, and 90% funerals
of Austrian are held in churches
*this is an example of a social characteristic
Human characteristics 3.form of
government is federal republic
• Head of state: President Heinz Fischer (see below)
• Head of government: Chancellor Werner Faymann
• There are nine official Bundeslaender (states)
*this is an example of a political characteristic
Human characteristics 4. a well
developed market economy
• Currency of money : Euro
• GDP: 321.8 billion
• exports: 129 billion imports:138.7 billion
*this is an example of an economic
Interesting facts
• Population : 8,214,160
• Total land area : 83,870 sq km it is slightly smaller than
• Winter sports-skiing and tobogganing
summer sports-bicycling, canoeing, hiking, and
mountain climbing.
• Well known food-Wiener schnitzel (fried cutlet, most
often veal, batter-fried with egg and breadcrumbs)
• Similar holidays(labor day, new year’s eve)
• The Von Trapp family lived in Austria (Sound of Music)
Historical Timeline
1.2009-alliance for natural gas
• Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary,
Romania, and turkey forge
an agreement to host the
so-called Nabucco natural
2. 1991-persian gulf war
• Austria decides to assist the
united nations in war by
providing air and land
Timeline continued…
3.1972- joining the EEC
• The EEC was an
international organization
created with a goal to bring
about economic
4.1995-Austria is stable
• Austrian State Treaty
proclaims an independent
• Austria joins the United
• Austrian defense forces are
5.14BCE- Romans in Austria
• The region south of the River Danube is
conquered by the Romans.
*I mention this because we were currently
studying Europe’s ancient civilizations
The end
I hoped you liked my presentation .